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Money Talkies: Sanju Holds Strong On Tuesday, Could Coast To 20 Cr Today Too

After clocking humongous business on the weekend and exceptional business on Monday, Sanju sustains in theatres with almost no drop at cinema halls across India.  Distributors across India share their outlook on the movie’s collections for Tuesday.

Debashish Dey, West Bengal
There is a drop today but that is to be expected as it’s a Tuesday. Also, the weekend and yesterday’s collections were huge. Sanju is more of a family movie, which is why occupancy is rising for shows post 2 o’clock. The morning and afternoon shows are weak but the evening and night shows will make up for that. So the drop will not make a difference. The collections were Rs 1.3 crore yesterday in my circuit and they will be at least Rs 1 crore today. Pan-India, the collections should cross Rs 20 crore today.

B H Basha, Mysore
Yesterday’s collections were Rs 1.2 crore, which was very good for a Monday. Today, they may be around 5-10 per cent less, which is not a huge drop. The morning shows today had 35 per cent occupancy. Considering that and yesterday’s collections, the movie should earn Rs 1 crore n the Mysore circuit and more than Rs 20 crore across India today.

Gaurrav Gaur, Rajasthan
Today, occupancy was around 30 per cent in the morning shows and yesterday’s business was very good, with collections of Rs 1.35 crore. Today, there won’t be much of a drop in collections – only around 5 per cent less than yesterday’s collections, which would be say Rs 1.25 crore in my territory.  Business will be the same pan-India too, and will easily surpass Rs 21 crore.

Rajesh Thadani, Mumbai
Today’s morning occupancy was excellent, at 45-50 per cent, which is very good. Yesterday’s collections were Rs 7.5 crore in my circuit. Today too, the collections will be above Rs 20-22 crore across India and at least Rs 7 crore in my circuit. I don’t see any drop in the movie today.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Orissa
Today’s occupancy during the morning shows was not strong here. For multiplexes, one could call it average. Yesterday’s collections were very good, around Rs 35 lakh, so today they will be around Rs 25 lakh. Pan-India, collections yesterday were Rs 24-25 crore and you can expect it to be Rs 21-22 crore today. 

Ravi Machchar, Nizam
The business of Sanju is just fantastic. Yesterday, the film collected Rs 25 crore pan-India and over Rs 1.4 crore in my circuit. The morning shows had 40-45 per cent occupancy even today. The numbers should be the same as they were yesterday, whether collections or occupancy. This movie will definitely cross the Rs 200-crore mark.

Brijesh Tondon, Delhi-UP
Yesterday’s collections were Rs 5.4 crore in my circuit and they will sustain at over Rs 5 crore today. The numbers will cross Rs 20 crore pan-India even today. Overall, the reports of the film are very good and in my territory, the morning shows had 45-50 per cent occupancy, which is great for a Tuesday.


- Bhavi Gathani

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