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Money Talkies: Sanju Storms Cinemas, Evening Shows May Run House Full

Just as predicted, Sanju took a flying start across territories. Also, collections of the film are growing with each passing show, and cinemas are expected to be house full during the evening and late-night shows. The programmers of various multiplex chains weigh in on the response to the film.

Neeraj Ahuja, Programmer, Wide Angle
The opening was around 50 per cent for the morning shows, which is very good. We can assess the crowds only from the evening onwards. Since the reviews of the film are good, occupancy will rise to more than 90 per cent. It could even be as high as 100 per cent.

Amit Sharma, Programmer, Miraj
The opening is excellent in my channel, and the numbers are fantastic. The morning shows had 60-65 per cent occupancy. In my cinemas, at 2 o’clock’, the movie earned Rs 50 lakh gross, which means Rs 40 lakh net. I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie reaches Rs 30-35 crore. For the evening and night shows, in my Thakur property in Kandivali, which is a single screen with a capacity of 668 seats, 567 seats are already sold out. The big surprise is that the Southern properties are also performing excellently. In my Hyderabad property, with a capacity of 605 seats, 555 seats were occupied for the 10 o’clock show and 491 seats were occupied during the 1 o’clock show. The numbers are crazy. 

Nitin Tambat, Programmer, Carnival
The opening was very good I believe some cinemas were running house full in some places, during the morning shows. In other places, it was more than 70 to 80 per cent. For the afternoon shows, occupancy will be 60-70 per cent and more than 80 per cent during the evening and night shows. Occupancy will increase every day.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave
The opening in my channel was 85-90 per cent everywhere. Word-of-mouth for the movie is very strong and there is a good chance that the evening and night shows will run house full, especially the night shows. Today will close at 80-85 per cent. The movie will see good growth after the reviews come in.

Kaushal Srivastav, Programmer, Cinepolis
Occupancy in my channel was 70 per cent in the morning. The evening and night shows will probably be almost full, especially in the metro cities. Multiplexes have a decent chance of clocking more than 90-per cent occupancy. My channel might collect about Rs 3 crore today day.

Satish Kondvilkar, Programmer, INOX
Today, Sanju will earn more than Rs 5 crore in my channel, since the occupancy of the morning shows itself was 60-65 per cent. The night shows will run almost full in multiplexes.

Vishal Kadam, Programmer, PVR
The opening was 65-70 per cent in my channel, which is fantastic for morning shows and advance booking is excellent for the evening and night shows. They are almost full. Later shows will have occupancy of 80-90 percent today. The collections will be around Rs 7 crore in my channel for the day. 


- Bhavi Gathani

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