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Money Talkies: Simmba continues its strong run, likely to garner 15 cr plus today

After racking up big numbers over its first weekend, there seems to be no stopping the Rohit Shetty directorial Simmba. The long holiday following the film’s release has benefitted the film along with positive reports. Exhibitors across multiplex chains from all over the country comment on the performance of the film over the weekend, on its first Monday and their expectations from the film today.  

Tinku Singh, Exibitor, SSR

From Friday to Sunday, a total of 75,148 tickets were sold. During this time, the nett box office collections at our property were about Rs 1.15 crore. The gross box office collections were Rs 1.51 crore. This morning, occupancy has fallen a little and the morning shows ran 35-40 per cent full, which is not bad. The percentage will rise with the evening shows. Occupancy will pick up tomorrow again. Simmba is likely to earn about Rs 15-17 crore today, pan-India.

Ashutosh Agrawal, Exbihitor, Star World

Simmba performed exceptionally well at our property across the weekend.  Monday’s morning shows recorded a drop in occupancy and our cinemas were about 50 per cent full. In my opinion, the film should earn a total of Rs 15 crore across India today. It will continue to sustain and the reports are very good.

Yogesh Raizada, Exhibitor, Wave Cinemas

The shows of Simmba during the weekend had 80-85 per cent occupancy. The film is doing very well. This morning, the shows witnessed a drop and were 40-50 per cent full. The film is likely to garner Rs 15-20 crore today. It will continue to do very well because the reports are very good. The word-of-mouth is also very strong. Simmba is a typical masala entertainer and it has a huge window during which time no other films are releasing.

Hiren Patel, Exhibitor, Wide Angle

Simmba is doing really well. Occupancy dropped a bit this morning compared to Sunday, where of 500 seats, 100-115 were booked for the morning shows at our property today. Since it is the last day of the year today, the numbers will increase during the evening and night shows. Collections should touch Rs 20 crore today, pan-India and, at our property, the film should gross about Rs 3 lakh.

Satadeep Saha, Exhibitor, SSR Cinemas

Simmba is continuing its strong run at the box office. Compared to the weekend, there has been a slight drop in occupancy but the bookings for the evening and night shows look great. Simmba is a family entertainer and we are expecting families to turn up in large numbers. Also, this film has no competition and it has a long weekend to its credit. Occupancy during the morning show here was around 40 per cent. I think it will earn Rs 17-20 crore all over India today.

Aneesh Jain, Exhibitor, Raj Mandir

Simmba is creating waves across the country. The morning and the afternoon shows today were 35-40 per cent full which, according to me, is great. It will surely garner more than Rs 15 crore today. I am very hopeful that the night shows will run very well. The movie is being liked by people across all age groups.

- Titas Chowdhury

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