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Money Talkies: Soorma zooms on weekend

Diljit Dosanjh, Taapsee Pannu and Angad Bedi starrer Soorma witnessed a positive jump from yesterday. Programmers at major multiplex chains believe the film will earn double the sum it garnered yesterday. Advance bookings suggest that the night shows and the shows on Sunday will pick up too. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth are propelling the run of the film.

Amar Laykar, Programmer, PVR
Occupancy this morning and this afternoon saw a positive jump as compared to yesterday. The shows ran about 30-32 per cent full. As the day progresses, more people will come in. It is the weekend, after all. The night shows are likely to run stronger. Looking at the advance bookings, I have positive expectations from Sunday.

Rajender Jyala, Programmer, INOX
The showings for Soorma, so far, have definitely seen an increase from yesterday, with around 35 per cent occupancy. The latter shows of the day will see better numbers, since it is a Saturday night. The reviews for the film are very positive. The advance bookings are decent too, which implies that the film is likely to fare well tomorrow.

Rahul Kadbet, Programmer, Carnival
Soorma has seen a positive jump today as compared to yesterday. The morning and afternoon shows had occupancies of about 35-40 per cent. It has not matched our expectations. The rains are affecting all shows. But we are hopeful about the coming shows because it is a Saturday night. This is a family film, and so we are expecting family audiences to turn up.

Meenu Singh, Programmer, SRS
The occupancy numbers for Soorma have doubled since yesterday. The morning and afternoon shows witnessed almost 60 per cent occupancy. As a result, the collections from our chain are also likely to surpass yesterday’s collections. Looking at the advance bookings for today, I estimate Soorma will earn about Rs 35 lakh net from SRS. According to me, the film will do well on Sunday too because the word- of-mouth is very strong.

Hiren Patel, Programmer, Wide Angle
The morning shows of Soorma did way better today than yesterday. Of 510 seats, 100 were full. The night shows will also see better occupancy and collections than last night’s shows. Of 510 seats, I expect 400-450 to be occupied. That is a very good number. Positive reviews are helping the movie.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave
The shows in the first half of the day saw 50-60 per cent occupancy, which is very good. The advance bookings indicate that the late evening and the night shows will run about 70 per cent full. I imagine the screens will have around 70 per cent occupancy tomorrow as well. The figures have increased today, which is a very good sign for the film.

Amit Sharma, Programmer, Miraj
The showings for Soorma were definitely better today than yesterday. The morning shows saw 25 per cent occupancy. Even if the film sees similar occupancy through the day, it will perform well at the box office compared to yesterday’s collections. The advance bookings for Sunday are pretty good. Pan-India, the film will garner double the sums it earned yesterday. I think Soorma will earn Rs 5 crore-Rs 5.5 crore today. Yesterday, it collected close to Rs 7 lakh from our chain. It has definitely surpassed that sum by now.

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