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"More than the kissing scenes, the emotional ones were challenging"

She made a confident debut and won accolades for her performance in her very first film. Not surprisingly, she has a number of movies in the pipeline. Her next film, a suspense-thriller, is up for release soon. Here’s Esha Gupta talking about her next release, Raaz 3.

Tell us about your character in the Raaz3.

My character Sanjana Krishan is the protagonist in the film. She’s a young actress and takes over the industry in a couple of years. Everyone loves her for who she is. She is soft-spoken and sweet but is haunted by evil, and this is where her problems begin.

What was it like working with Bipasha Basu?

Bipasha Basu is a very successful actress and is very grounded. I have been a fan of hers. So I was really overjoyed to meet her. She is very secure about her work and I cannot expect to compete with her at this stage. But in terms of acting, yes, I don’t want to be overshadowed.

Do you have any kissing scenes with Emraan Hashmi in the film?

There are lip-locking scenes with Emraan Hasmi. And the audience will get what they want. Hashmi is very professional and he knew I was nervous because these things are blown out of proportion. I had more crying and emotional scenes than the kissing scenes, and I was more nervous about doing those scenes. But Hashmi would calm me and make sure I was fine, especially with regard to the emotional scenes.

This film has an element of black magic in it. Personally, do you believe in black magic?

I keep a tiger-eye bracelet with me because ever since I started getting films and success and there has been a little imbalance. So I keep it with me to feel safe. There are people who are jealous of your success and you have to be cautious. Those people are not from the industry.

What do you have to say about the competition, jealousy among actresses and success in the industry?   

There’s jealousy in every profession. Fortunately, I haven’t faced anything of this sort so far. Every actress has a shelf life and I am prepared for that too. Mahesh Sir always says, “To maintain art, you have to dispose of the old.” So I guess eventually everyone has to retire. Audience acceptance is all that matters.

What was it like working with directors like Kunal Deshmukh, Vikram Bhatt and Prakash Jha?

All three of them have been really kind to me. Each one knows what he wants. They are very clear about that. For all the three films – Jannat 2, Raaz 3 and Chakravuyh – I would go on the sets and tell my director, “Tell me what you want and I will do that. I will try it my way and if it does not work, you show me your way.”

Would you consider doing women-centric films?

If offered a female-oriented film, I would definitely do it. Who does not want a film like that? Yes, it carries a huge responsibility but it’s challenging as well. Jab We Met was a female-oriented film, where Kareena Kapoor carried the film entirely on her shoulders. I am a big Kareen Kapoor fan.

Name one actor you would like to work with.

Salman Khan, for sure. Shah Rukh Khan, obviously. But the one person I would like to work with, even if only in a cameo, is Mr Amitabh Bachchan.

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