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Moscow International Film Festival

June 20 to 29, 2013

Moscow, Russia

What’s It All About?

The Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) is among the oldest in the world. The MIFF has consistently paved the way for filmmakers who later become known throughout the world, like Istvan Szabo and Kaneto Shindo, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Aki Kaurismaki, Kohei Oguri and Humberto Solas. In 2012, the honorary prize for contribution to world cinema went to the American film director Tim Burton.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film

World War Z

An action-apocalyptic film directed by Marc Forster and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, World War Z is based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The film features Brad Pitt in the lead.

The films in the Competition Section include:

Back In Crime




Lebanon Emotion



Memories They Told Me




Spaghetti story

The Kids From The Port

The Ravine Of Goodbye

The Role

Traffic Department

Special Screenings:


The Gardener


The Castle

The MIFF this year will also showcase all the works of Bernardo Bertolucci, who is a key figure not merely in Italian or European cinema, but in world filmmaking as well. His work embraces half a century of film art. The festival this year will showcase all his films.

MIFF will also be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Rudolf Nureev. An exponent of ballet and modern dance, Nureev is one of the most celebrated of the 20th century. Nureev’s artistic skills explored expressive areas of the dance, providing a new role to the male ballet dancer who once served only as support to the women. Three films – I Am A Dancer, Rebellious Demon and Valentino will be screened in his honour.

Prague Spring

The festival will devote a special retrospective of movies to the memory of the recently departed Czech film scholar and film critic Galina Kopaneva.

Closing Film


Directed by Irakli Kvirikadze, the film’s lead cast comprises Gérard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant and Vladimir Mashkov.

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