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Movie Review: Baa Baaa Black Sheep

Banners: Soham Rockstar

Entertainment, Agastya Films,

Swarup Entertainment

Producers: Anand Swarup Agarwal,

Krishna Datla

Director: Vishwas Paandya

Cast: Anupam Kher, Maniesh Paul,

Manjari Fadnnis, Kay Kay Menon,

Annu Kapoor

Writers: Sunjiv Puri, Vishwas Paandya

Music: Superbia (Gourov-Roshin

& Shaan)

Murder, drugs, art forgery, corruption… all these seem to make an interesting premise for a movie. Each element on its own is capable of giving the audience an edge-of-the-seat thriller. And when combined in one movie, it can surely make for a compelling story. Add to that a dash of comedy and you have a winner. All this sounds wonderful on paper and Baa Baaa Black Sheep  has all the makings of a good comedy thriller but it fails in the most important department, execution!

The story revolves around Baba, a young man who lives in Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa. He is a happy-go-lucky guy in love with Angelina, his childhood sweetheart. He is the son of a cashewnut merchant, Charudutt Sharma, whose mundane life is dominated by his wife. When he is not being tormented by her, he spends his time knitting. Angelina is the daughter of Brian Morris, an ordinary art teacher, unhappy with his daughter’s relationship with Baba.

On his 25th birthday, Baba learns about his family’s best-kept secret. His father reveals to him that they are a family of contract killers and it is time for Baba to carry forward the family tradition. Athough he refuses at first, he finally agrees to join the family trade. This leads to assignments involving drug dealers, a corrupt Home Minister, an art gallery owner and an upright cop who is ready to break every rule to protect the law!

The story involves various tracks. There is the track of Baba and Charudutt’s contract-killing assignments, the Home Minister-drug dealer nexus, the art forgery scandal lead by Brian Morris aka Santa and ACP Naik, who connects all these various plots. Though the story ends on a happy note, the journey for the audience is not all that happy.

The writers have tried to bring in too many twists and turns in the narrative. This results in a haphazard treatment of each of the story tracks. The characters seem superficial and are not well-etched. The only character that really stands out is that of Anupam Kher and credit for that goes more to the actor’s talent and less to the writing. As Charudutt Sharma, he transforms from the docile husband to Charlie, the contract killer, with ease and style.

Directorially, Vishwas Paandya disappoints. He fails to handle so many tracks and in the bargain the film fails to hold your attention. Cinematography is just about okay and the same can be said of the editing and background music.

The songs in the movie seem forced and totally irrelevant to the story. The songs in the introductory and ending credits would have been enough. The two songs in between the movie are nothing but speed-breakers in an already slow-moving narrative.

Performance-wise, Maniesh Paul makes a sincere effort as Baba. His transformation from a happy-go-lucky guy to contract killer is interesting. But having seen him as a funny and comedic host of various TV and stage shows, we do end up seeing Maniesh, the anchor, and not Maniesh, the actor.

Manjari Fadnnis as Angelina is adequate. She doesn’t have many scenes and is good in whatever is offered to her. As mentioned earlier, Anupam Kher is outstanding. Annu Kapoor as Brian Morris is over-the-top and his dialogue delivery is irritating. Kay Kay Menon, who plays ACP Naik, has an extended cameo and manages to generate some interest. He has some witty lines and brings in a few laughs. The others lend adequate support.


Verdict: Dud! 

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