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Movie Review: Family Of Thakurganj

Banner: Lovely World Entertainment, Pen Studios

Producer: Ajay Kumar Singh

Director: Manoj K Jha

Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill, Saurabh Shukla, Pawan Malhotra, Manoj Pahwa, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Nandish Singh, Yashpal Sharma, Pranati Rai Prakash, Mukesh Tiwari, Sudhir Pandey, Raj Zutshi

Writer: Dilip Shukla

Music: Sajid–Wajid

Family Of Thakurganj, directed by Manoj K Jha, is a true example of a film that is trying too hard to be a formulaic drama with action, comedy and emotions but ends up disappointing in all aspects.

Family Of Thakurganj, as name suggests, is a story of a family living in a village named Thakurganj. Nannu, the elder son of this family is a criminal due to dearth of money following his father’s death at a very young age. A young Nannu who used to smuggle alcohol for money becomes Nannu bhaiyya for the entire village as he grows up under the shadow of Baba Bhandari. The interesting thing here is how even the ladies of the house, be it the mother, wife or daughter, have a mafia attitude towards the people in the village. However, the only person who plays Vibhushan in this Lanka is the younger son, Munnu, whose goal is to make a better society and show his older brother the right path. As the story moves forward, we can see how slowly Nannu’s ‘friends’ become his foes and how the family deals with the difficult situations waiting ahead.

Thakurganj as a backdrop of the film is shown well but the story in rural India is poorly woven. The screenplay seems scattered all over without giving a single clue about who is connected to whom in the village and the reason behind their actions. A small twist after the interval gives some hope for the film’s second half being a tad better but the poor screenplay and forced dialogue promptly breaks that thin ray of hope.

Apart from Sheirgill, all the other characters are half-baked with their back stories not being established enough. Moreover, there is no coordination among the characters as if they are only focusing on playing their respective parts, thereby impacting the film’s cohesiveness. 

There is nothing good even about the songs apart from the one Holi song that serves as a little break from all the confusion happening in the film. Even though the film has some strong characters, their performances are overshadowed by the several flaws and loopholes in a storyline which is hurried and lacks detail.

The film is also shot and edited incoherently, making a random jump from one scene to another. The only good thing about the film is the presence of Sheirgill with his mafia swag and Shivika Rishi, who matches him with equal swag as she plays his daughter.

Sheirgill tries to fix things with his performance and if seen in its entirety, he is the only saving grace of the film. Pavan Malhotra, Saurabh Shukla, Yashpal Sharma and Supriya Pilgaonkar are good but their potential as actors is not tapped amply. Mahie Gill, Nandish Singh, Mukesh Tiwari, Pranati Rai Prakash and Raj Zutshi disappoint. Sudhir Pandey is wasted with hardly any screen time.

Verdict: Avoid.

Rating: *

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