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Movie Review: FryDay

Banner: Inbox Pictures Pvt Ltd.

Producer: Sajid Qureshi

Director: Abhishek Dogra

Cast: Govinda, Varun Sharma, Digangana Suryavanshi, Rajesh Sharma, Brijendra Kala, Prabhleen Sandhu

Writers: Rajeev Kaul, Manurishi Chadha

Music: Ankit Tiwari, Milind Gaba, Rooshin-Kaizad

The image of Govinda has always been that of an actor with impeccable comedic timing and an insane talent to belt out dialogues without a pause. That has been his signature style and FryDay gives you a glimpse of that vintage actor and a little bit of his dancing skill as well.

Rajeev Chabra is a water purifier salesman. He has not managed to make a sale and his boss gives him an ultimatum that if he doesn’t make even a single sale by Friday, he is out of a job. Desperate, Rajeev is referred to a prospective customer called Bela Kapoor. She is a social worker who is married to Gagan Kapoor, who is having an extra-marital relationship with Bindu. On the day that Rajeev comes to the Kapoor residence to install the purifier, Gagan has planned a secret rendezvous with Bindu. Thrown into this mix is Chitchor, who is there to rob the house. This creates confusion and comedy. Things take a turn for the worse when Bela and Bindu’s husband, who is a police inspector, also drop by. The rollercoaster of events that follows forms the rest of the story.

For a comedy film to work, the key is the writing, especially the dialogue. Though there are sparks in some of the scenes, overall the film does not make you laugh except for perhaps a giggle here and there.

Performance-wise, if it wasn’t for Govinda and Varun Sharma, FryDay would have fallen completely flat. The chemistry the two actors share is a treat to watch. Govinda’s shrewd Gagan is a perfect partner to Varun’s gullible Rajeev. But there is not much in the story to help these talented actors.

Digangana as Bindu fails to impress. Prabhleen Sandhi as Bela looks beautiful and is very good. Rajesh Sharma as the inspector is wasted. Besides the two leading men, another actor who entertains is Brijendra Kala. As Chitchor he plays his part well and is memorable.

Verdict: Disaster!

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