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Movie Review: Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna

Banners: Belvie Productions

Producers: Mahendra Bohra

Director: Lalit Mohan

Cast: Karanvir Bohra, Priya Banerjee, Sameer Kochar, Mahesh Balraj, Juhi Chawla

Writers: Faisal Akhtar, Karanvir Bohra (Story), Rahul Patel, Nandan (Screenplay & Dialogue), Lalit Mohan

(Story, Screenplay & Dialogue)

Music: Raaj Aashoo, Jeet Gannguli, Tony Kakkar, Shabbir Ahmed, DJ Emenes (MIB), Shaarib-Toshi

Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna is a concept that has been tried and tested over decades. Despite that, the storyline did hold potential to bloom. Sadly, the film is a bland concoction of DarrYou and several other stories about a psychologically obsessed lover. They engage us... but not this one.

The film talks about Dhruv, the owner of Kitaab and Koffee, a book store and café nestled in a beautiful nook in Manali. He falls in love with Ananya, a celebrity writer who teaches Urdu and Hindi literature at a university. Dhruv enrolls in her class with the hope of being close to her. He spends his day imagining her with him as a couple. The rest of his time is spent secretly stalking and staring at her. Ananya has a loving fiancé named Ranveer, a billionaire who is a major source of envy and rage for Dhruv. The doting Dhruv turns into a psychotic lover overnight and what happens forms the rest of the story.

Writing is one of the biggest flaws of the film. Dhruv’s sudden toxic obsession and infatuation with Ananya is something that will give rise to several questions. There is no backstory that we are given. The writers and the director spend no time in establishing the character and his life. Where is his family? Where does he live? We don’t know anything. Maybe the writers wanted to create a mysterious character, but keeping in line with the flow of the narrative that is not a good enough explanation.

The film has songs that create disruptions in the story. They will make you wonder if you have time travelled to the early 2000s. Undoubtedly those were the good old days, but this is not how you want to be hit by nostalgia. The songs are not in tandem with the flow of the film, but are forcefully crammed into the drama.  

Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna lacks the necessary elements of a thriller. It fails to keep you hooked. The dramatic dialogue and its melodramatic delivery are unnecessary and extra that they will put you off. Meri zindagi ek manuscript hai, bas anjaam ka intezaar hai; Aapne mujhe khaak hone se bacha liya; andAnjaam ka pata nahi, par aagaaz bahot khubsoorat hai are a few of these.

There are several references made to Bashir Badr, Django Unchained, Basic instinct and Jurassic Park, but none of it helps the film. Bad CGI and VFX, poor quality dubbing and a dated treatment make it an uninspired production. Crisper editing, both pre and post-‘intermition’ would not have saved the film, but a seamless and precise product would not hurt.

The silver lining to this particular cloud, cinematographer Santosh Thundiyal deserves brownie points for capturing the picturesque locales of beautiful Himachal Pradesh. Juhi Chawla’s cameo might not have much impact, but her mere presence evokes a smile.

Karanvir Bohra as the hot-headed, obsessed, toxic lover tries too hard to emulate Shah Rukh Khan, in vain. He could have aced it, considering his tryst with characters like this in the past, but his histrionics will leave you bewildered. Priya Banerjee’s one-note expression adds nothing to the film. Sameer Kochar doesn’t have much to do in his underwritten role. Mahesh Balraj disappoints.

Verdict: Avoid!

Rating: *

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