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Movie Review : Kaashi In Search Of Ganga

Banner: Insite India

Producers: Dhiraj Kumar, Manish Kishore, Shravan

Kumar Agarwal, Sanjay Surana, Vinit Singh

Director: Dhiraj Kumar

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Aishwarya Devan, Govind Namdeo,

Manon Joshi, Manoj Pahwa, Akhilendra Mishra

Writer: Manish Kishore

Music: Ankit Tiwari, Bipin Patwa, Raj Ashu, DJ Emenes

Some stories read well on paper and they look equally good on screen, if not better. Then there are stories that read well on paper but bad execution ruins what seemed like a very good idea. Kaashi In Search Of Ganga must have sounded like a very good idea because as a concept, the film has an interesting premise.

Kaashi is a young man who lives with his parents and younger sister Ganga in Benaras. He belongs to a community that cremates dead bodies on the ghats of the river Ganga. On a day like any other, he meets Devina, a journalist from Lucknow who is doing a story about the city of Benaras. They strike up a friendship that soon blossoms into love.

Things seem to coast along until, one day, Ganga goes missing. While looking for her, Kaashi lands up in her college, only to find out that there is no student by that name studying there. But one of Ganga’s friends from the college reveals that Ganga was in love with a boy who is the son of a powerful businessman-turned-politician. She tells Kaashi that the boy’s father did not approve of their relationship and also that Ganga was pregnant.

Kaashi also finds out that the couple had planned to get married and had visited the court to register their marriage. Convinced that Ganga is with the boy, Kaashi and Devina go to Mussorie. But on reaching there, Kaashi ends up killing the boy. Things turn from bad to worse, when on returning to Benaras, he also finds out that Ganga is dead. During the murder trial, several shocking facts are revealed about Kaashi’s life, which changes the course of the story.

The film fails majorly in the writing department and what we see is a half-baked narrative ruining what could have been an interesting idea. The film starts off as a family drama, it enters the psychological realm, and ends up as a revenge saga. It seems like the story was made up along the way and the makers added as many twists and turns as they could! The result is a hotchpotch of a film.

The saving grace of Kaashi is Kaashi, played by Sharman Joshi. The actor, who has given us some brilliant performances in the past, tries hard to add something to this delusional and confused story, but after a point even he seems to have given up. Aishwarya Devan, who makes her debut in this film, is a very weak Devina. Her chemistry with Sharman is non-existent and her performance falls flat. The film boasts some talented supporting actors in Govind Namdeo, Manoj Pahwa, Akhilendra Mishra and Mohan Joshi, but when there is no substance to a story, there is nothing, really, that even a good actor can do.

Verdict: Flop!

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