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Movie Review : Lupt


Banner: Fun Entertainments

Producers: Hanwant Khatri, Lalit Kiri

Director: Prabhuraj

Cast: Jaaved Jaaferi, Vijay Raaz, Karan

Aanand, Niki Walia, Meenakshi Dixit,

Rishabh Chaddha

Writer: Prabhuraj

Music: Siddharth Prashar, Vicky-Hardik

Sadiyon se lupt mein hun main, Bhoot hoon main.’ Lupt begins with these lines – and the makers have stuck by them. The ‘horror’ in this film – which is laugh-worthy – is stuck in the ‘80s, from where this film’s storyline originates.

The story begins with an over-ambitious businessman, Harsh Tandon, getting visions of scary women of all ages. To regain his sanity, he goes on a road trip with his family. Harsh takes a detour, which takes them to the middle of nowhere (Here, none of the five people have cellphone signals in the age of 4G!) They lose their way and encounter a very shady Dev, after which many strange sightings take place.

When the Tandon clan’s car breaks down, they ask Dev to help, and he takes them to his spooky cottage, where even stranger things happen. As the family suffers at the hands of the aatmas, they uncover many secrets and what happens to them and why, is what forms the flimsy and predictable crux of the story. 

With stereotypes like revenge of the aatmas, people willingly going into spooky forests and, of course, a scary gudiya, the film is nothing but a rehash of Indian horror films that are now mocked widely.

The stale script, overacting performers, shoddy VFX work and even shoddier ghost make-up make this 2-hour film less scary than a 30-minute episode of Aahat

The filmmaker was as disinterested in any kind of logical storyline as Vijay Raaz, who plays the shady Dev with a deadpan expression, even in the climax sequence where the ghosts he didn’t believe in appear in front of him and have a conversation with the others

Cinematically, the film has no appeal whatsoever. One sees an unnecessary item number with a recreation of a popular song and the skimpily clad item girl, in the beginning.

All in all, the only reason Prabhuraj’s Lupt is scary is because one would lose faith in this thrilling genre and might not ever watch another film in this category again. 

Performance-wise, Jaaved Jaaferi’s serious avatar is not bad but he seems to be better off doing comedy. Niki Walia is average. Vijay Raaz is wasted. Rishabh Chaddha is okay and so is Meenakshi Dixit. Karan Anand is unnecessary.

Verdict: You will be horrified at horror if you watch this film. Avoid, please!

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