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Movie Review: Posham Pa

Banners: Ten Years Younger Productions LLP, Dhirajj Walks of Art Pvt Ltd, New Born Films LLP, Vishant Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd

Producers: Seema Mohapatra, Jahanara Bhargava, Dhirajj Vinodd Kapoor, Hussain Shaikh, Bugs Bhargava Krishna, NR Pachisia

Director: Suman Mukhopadhyay

Cast: Mahie Gill, Sayani Gupta, Ragini Khanna, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Randheer Rai, Imaaduddin Shah, Nitanshi Goel

Writer: Nimisha Misra

Music: Prauddha Banerjee

Over the years, there has been no dearth of news about serial killers and many documentaries have also been made on them. But how many times have we tried to figure out why they became such dreaded criminals in the first place? How and from when did they start committing a heinous crime like murder and kill so nonchalantly that they don’t even empathise before exhibiting such cruelty?

Inspired by true events, Posham Pa is the story of a mother who coerces her daughters into becoming criminals. A poor mother, Prajakta brings truck drivers at her house and after getting them drugged, she steals from them and then brutally murders them. She takes care of her daughter Regha through the money she robs. After a life-threatening incident with Regha, she decides to leave this world of crime and starts working in the house of an army officer, Dharmesh Deshpande, who later marries her and they have another daughter, Shikha.

However, it is rightly said that no matter where you are, it is difficult to leave behind your habits and lifestyle. Dharmesh kicks out Prajakta with both the daughters after she is caught stealing from a party. Back to poverty, the three of them returned to the world of crime, which has gotten bigger and more dangerous with the passing time.

Posham Pa is truly a perfect psychological thriller with a crisp and clear narrative throughout. Director Suman Mukhopadhyay makes sure that each and every character in the story is built up well with perfect execution on screen. The murder scenes will make you cringe in your seats. Writer Nimisha Misra tries to incorporate the shock and suspense factor at the end but somewhere in between you can predict what’s going to happen in the end.

The editing is crisp and the background score effectively maintains the thrill throughout the film, especially in the jail scenes. Performance-wise Mahie Gill as Prajakta Deshpande and Sayani Gupta as Regha Sathe are quite convincing as the killers. Ragini Khanna as Shikha Deshpande is the victim among the three but she is not too convincing in her portrayal. Shivani Raghuvanshi as Nikhat Ismail, Imaaduddin Shah as as Gundeep Singh Saggar and Randheer Rai as Dharmesh Deshpande are good. Nitanshi Goel who plays the traumatised and young Regha is excellent.

Verdict: Interesting watch

Rating: **1/2

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