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Movie Review: Saavat

Banner: Lateral Works Pvt Ltd, Ringing Rain Films, Niraksh Films

Producers: Hitesha Deshpande, Smita Tambe, Shobhita Manglik

Director: Saurabh Sinha

Cast: Smita Tambe, Shwetambari Ghutte, Milind Shirole, Sanjivani Jadhav, Shitanshu Sharad

Writer: Saurabh Sinha

Music: Devotees Insanos

Seven deaths in seven years… and all the deaths though seem like suicides are considered as murders done by the restless spirit of a young woman. Inspector Atul from the village where these deaths have occurred, brings the case to ACP Aditi Deshmukh. Aditi has exceptional deduction skills and solves the most difficult of cases. When she starts investigating this case, she realises that there is more to these deaths than what meets the eye. Aditi discovers that the villagers blame the spirit of Aashni for the deaths. Aashni was considered a witch and so was her mother Nandini. While Nandini died under mysterious circumstances, Aashni has been missing for seven years. It was after her disappearance that the deaths started. When Aditi delves deeper into the case, she finds out about Adhira, Aashni’s sister. When she meets her, the mystery slowing starts unravelling. One after the other, Aditi ties the loose ends of the deaths and reveals the motive behind the deaths. In the process, she also makes a surprising discovery, which changes the way she looks at herself.

The premise of the film is very interesting. Though it is a thriller, there is a strong social message in the film. While the story has its strong points, the screenplay falters. The first half focuses on the deaths in detail and that seems unnecessary. This affects the pace of the film. The second half is far more cohesive and the story pans out effectively. Though there are some loose ends in the story, the effort to tie a social message in a thriller genre is commendable.

The film has its thrilling moments, especially in the second half. The camera work is commendable. Effort has been made to make the police work look as authentic as possible and not make it look too far-fetched. The background score adds to the drama of the narrative and of course the song during the end credits is amazing.

Performance wise, Smita Tambe as Aditi Deshmukh carries the film on the shoulder. She adds the right amount of power to her role. At the same time she also displays the vulnerability of her character effectively. Shwetambari Ghutte does a decent job, given that it is her debut. Milind Shirole as Inspector Atul and Shitanshu Sharad as Tarun are okay. Sanjivani Jadhav is effective. 

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