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Movie Review

  • The Green Chic… Finding Dad

    This is an animated film with an important message – to respect not just people but animals too.
  • Double Dhamaal

    This film is an excellent example of the typical Indian masala entertainer.
  • Bhindi Baazaar Inc.

    Let’s applaud the director for daring to be different. Two men are playing chess and their every move is accompanied by narration.
  • Bin Bulaye Baraati

    Why wasn’t it called Bheja Fry? It scrambles your brain, leaves you wondering what possessed you to spend good money to watch this film and it’s a colossal opportunity wasted.
  • Bheja Fry 2

    He’s back! Bharat Bhushan, who entertained the audience in part one, is back with Bheja Fry 2.
  • Cycle Kick

    Though produced by veteran Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Searchlight Films, there’s not a single scene that reveals the showman behind it.
  • Always Kabhi Kabhi

    Youthful cinema is the ‘in thing’ today. And with good reason as this genre is finding good patronage.
  • West Is West

    It’s been more than a decade since British hit comedy East Is East was made. There seemed no place for a sequel – and now we know why.
  • Love Express

    Ashneet and Kanav are about to get married and their respective families are travelling in a train. The only thing that moves during this film, quite literally, IS the train.
  • Shaitan

    There’s no harm being inspired by world cinema or trying to ape the way Hollywood directors present their stories on celluloid. But if you do, you had better have a novel storyline.
  • Ready

    Anti-climax is the best way to describe Ready, which has two big names attached – Salman Khan and Anees Bazmee. And instead of mincing words, let’s put it this way: Khan delivers but Bazmee fails.
  • Kucch Luv Jaisaa

    Don’t expect any romance here. This story is about two people who bump into each other accidentally, and the friendship and bonding that subsequently unfolds. Madhu (Shifaali Shah) is a housewife.