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Movie Review

  • No Problem

    The film kicks off with a diamond robbery. Sunil Shetty and gang are at it and they’re going dishoom-dishoom. Enter Neetu Chandra, who starts shooting – dichkyaun-dichkyaun.
  • Phas Gaye Re Obama

    Small can sometimes be big. And filmmaker Subhash Kapoor proves this in his second film as director, Phas Gaye Re Obama. An unusual thought (though it could boomerang) and portrayal.
  • Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey

    First, let’s congratulate Ashutosh Gowariker on making this epic and presenting an era and a revolution that most people are scarcely aware of.
  • Spanish Beauty (A Beautiful Wife)

    The good news is Barbara Mori is back. The bad news is, her film is yet another story about infidelity.
  • Allah Ke Banday

    Being inspired is a good thing but never insult the film that was your inspiration. We’re talking of City Of God versus Faruk Kabir’s attempt at offbeat cinema through his debut film Allah Ke Banday.
  • Break Ke Baad

    Here’s another youthful, fun-filled romantic film, whose success rests mainly on one element – how different is this film from other romantic comedies before it?
  • Shahrukh Bola "Khoobsurat Hai Tu"

    He’s mesmerised millions of fans around the world and is a heart-stopper for his legion of female fans.
  • Guzaarish

    Agreed the film is about Hrithik Roshan who’s a paraplegic. Also agreed the film reminds you of Whose Life Is It Anyway and The Sea Inside.
  • Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun

    Titillating scenes between the opposite sex are now par for the course in Indian cinema.
  • A Flat

    Imagine a man locked inside his own apartment, unable to escape. Confused, he hears a woman’s soft crying floating through his bedroom door.
  • Action Replayy

    You’re making a love story and you have Akshay Kumar, a crowd-puller who guarantees a grand opening. You also have Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who’s a name to reckon with.
  • Golmaal 3

    Golmaal thoroughly entertained us as did the second version. One can only describe Golmaal 3 as ‘BIG ENTERTAINMENT’ From the very beginning, the film takes you on a joyride – a total laugh-riot.