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Movie Review

  • Nakshatra

    Some films are made without reason. Some films are produced without justification. We’re not sure why but Nakshatra is definitely one of them.
  • Daayen Ya Baayen

    First things first – this film is for the niche audience. The only problem is it’s patchy and impressive in parts.
  • Maalik Ek

    Based on the philosophy of Sai Baba, this movie has many incidents that exemplify this religious leader’s teachings.
  • Dus Tola

    A simple story told in an even simpler manner. However, in today’s fast-paced life, it is not likely to strike a chord with the audience.
  • Jhootha Hi Sahi

    Abbas Tyrewala made his debut with Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na so naturally we expect bigger and better entertainment from his second endeavor. Alas!
  • Hisss

    Here’s good news for filmmakers who churn out movies but are blamed for not concentrating on the script.
  • Rakht Charitra

    Scene No 1: Abhimanyu Singh’s father is shot dead and the cops arrive. But Singh doesn’t let them touch the body. The interaction between Singh and Ashwini Kalsekar, the cop.
  • Aakrosh

    Filmmaking is not only about making a good product. It’s about releasing a movie when the time is right and promoting it while keeping the theme in mind.
  • Do Dooni Chaar

    First things first. Let’s welcome talented director Habib Faisal with open arms and congratulate Planman for backing a complete family entertainer.
  • Bachao

    This is a horror-cumcomic flick that should have stayed in the closet!
  • Lava Kusa: The Warrior Twins

    The opening scenes – the chariot speeding, the depiction of different seasons, the formation of creatures, the backdrop, all are beautifully sketched in the film, resulting in a colourful product ripe
  • Crook

    A bunch of newspaper headlines and a controversial theme does not a film make.