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Movie Review

  • Paathshaala

    It would be interesting to know how many multiplex patrons know what the word means though they may be familiar with it, thanks to Rang De Basanti.
  • The Japanese Wife

    The Japanese Wife delves deep into the subject: How far will you go for love?
  • Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai

    Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai fits into a fantasy romance genre where a born loser’s USP is also his virtue. It wins him the ultimate in romance, a pretty girl from Venus!
  • Prince

    Prince is a caper movie where, with each new heroine’s entry, the version of the story changes. Is the Prince an undercover agent, is he a thief or a victim?
  • Tum Milo Toh Sahi

    Tum Milo Toh Sahi tries to tackle too many issues at once; a man trying to buy house beyond his means (and needs) and creates stress in his domestic life, a lawyer who served as a clerk all his life
  • Sadiyaan

    Sadiyaan tries to tread the old path of love blooming in the Kashmir Valley and adding to the twist and the drama is cross-border mumbo-jumbo.
  • The Great Indian Butterfly (English)

    The Great Indian Butterfly, in essence, is an adult theme about a couple stressed out beyond redumption leading to estrangement from each other despite being together.
  • Pankh… The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

    Pankh is a story about life imitating art in a grotesque and bizarre way.
  • Prem Kaa Game

    Shaadi Ke After Effects was the original title that has been turned to Prem Kaa Game. However, this title is just not apt for this comedy movie, based on extra marital affair.
  • My Friend Ganesha 3

    Director Rajiv Ruia, who earlier made My Friend Ganesha, 1 and 2, makes yet another attempt for a third sequel, combining animated characters with real-life actors.
  • Mittal Vs Mittal

    A rich, spoilt-to-the-core heir to fortunes Karan Mittal (Rohit Roy) is besotted by a pretty model Mitali (Rituparna Sengupta) He is used to getting what he wants, at whatever the cost and consequence
  • Well Done Abba

    Shyam Benegal is back with a satire! It is about various government initiatives meant to improve the living standards of the down trodden.