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Mr. X

When it comes to Emraan Hashmi’s films, one expects a groovy and melodious soundtrack. And with a combination of Jeet Ganguli, Ankit Tiwari and Ankur Tiwari, anticipation is that much more. Now that the music of the Vikram Bhatt’s sci-fi thriller, Mr. X is out, let’s take a look at the six- track album.

Penned by an assortment of songwriters – Rashmi Singh, Mohnish Raza, Abhendra Kumar and Manoj Shukla – the album also marks filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s debut as a singer.

Arijit Singh paves the way with the sad romantic song Teri khushboo.Composed by Jeet Ganguli, the track works on a similar music template that focuses on a mild synthesiser beat and stresses mainly on Singh’s vocals. The singer’s heart-wrenching voice backed by hard-hitting vocals succeed in catching the listeners’ fancy. The song also has a female version sung by Palak Muchhal. The musical impact is lesser with the sole focus on the singer’s vocals, the female version fails to impress. Muchhal’s melodious and soft vocals don’t complement the lyrics.

Second in line is Tu jo hai by Ankit Tiwari, a song that strongly reflects the flavour of Roy’s Tu hai ki nahi. The musical approach is kept consistent by Tiwari as the composer plays it safe with the basic template of synthesiser beats and guitar strums. The track lacks freshness, which makes it monotonous. Unlike the previous number, the vocals don’t support the track as Tiwari belts out the typical edgy-longing style of singing without bringing any vocal variations. He needs to get out of his comfort zone.

Mahesh Bhatt makes his singing debut with the title track Mr X composed by Jeet Ganguli. The song sung along with Mili Nair, finally brings in the much need freshness. The title song peppered with keyboard tunes and techno beats goes well with the haunting and mysterious flavour of the movie. The singing is quite impressive and blends well with the music, making it an interesting number.

Tiwari takes charge of the next two tracks, Saad shukraana and Alif se. Both tracks lack musical innovation with no newness. The composition is quite similar to his past works with basic guitar riffs and beats. Saad shukraana sung by Tiwari is persistent with high vocals, whereas there are some reverberations in Neet Mohan’s vocals in Alif se. Tiwari is stuck with belting typical notes and tenors.

Verdict: Fails to impress!

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