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Mubina Rattonsey secures funding for her Hollywood production house

Filmmaker Mubina Rattonsey runs the independent film production company, Zero Gravity Motion Pictures, which she launched recently. She has secured a US$100 million investment to develop and produce film and television content under the Los Angeles-based parent company Zero Gravity Partners, allowing her and her co-owners Rohini Singh, Manmeet Singh and Armaan Zorace to cultivate a slate that includes the first-of-its-kind horror film Wraith to be directed by Zorace. Hitting floors later this year, the film is set in an Islamic nation and will feature a live Muslim exorcism.

Other upcoming projects currently underway at Zero Gravity Partners include: Gamma Man, a super-hero film about a teenager who acquires supernatural powers when he is exposed to a meteor shower; and The Aryan Papers, an epic war-drama about a Polish musician who embarks on a journey in search of her fiancee during WWII, amongst several others in the pipeline. Across a wide range of genres and budget scales, Zero Gravity Partners aim to deliver up to three films per year.

Mubina said, “I didn’t want to take the safe path. You need to put your vulnerable self forward. It’s very attractive to meet people who do things that speak to you. I think you’ve just got to be fair, let the movie be the star and get the glory. At Zero Gravity Partners, it is our goal to empower a tribe of fearless filmmakers, actively pursuing their creative voice and telling stories that come from an inner being; and those are hard to find. I find a compelling need to move and challenge audiences, make them aware, to tell these stories across the globe.”

Rattonsey aims to focus on bringing alive the local flavours of individualistic ethnicities. Her credits include Before The Rains, Kaminey, Tahaan — A Boy with a Grenade and Prarambha a short film for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


-Rani Bohra. 

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