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Mukta Barve talks about choosing varied roles

Mukta Barve is one of the very talented actresses in Marathi cinema today. In 2018-19, the actress has had as many as five releases and each role and each film is of a different genre. A second wife and young mother in Amhi Doghi, a pregnant career woman in Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3, a filmmaker in Wedding Cha Shinema, a hard-core cop in Bandishala and a photographer detected with dementia in the recently released Smile Please, every film saw Mukta experiment with her character. 

In an exclusive interview with Box Office India, Mukta Barve spoke about what drives her to make these diverse choices. She said, " When there was a time when I could have been typecast by the audience and the filmmakers, at that time I consciously took the decision that I will not do a role like my previous successful one. I didn't want to do a Jogwa or Ek Daav Dhobi Pachhad again. So as my movies and roles in a particular genre became successful, I did something completely different." 

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"Fortunately for me, I work in all three mediums; theatre, television and films. So whenever I didn't find something interesting in one medium I got that in another. I also turned producer of plays, that also helped. And the fact that I did this for the first ten years of my career, today I am reaping the benefits of the same. I am offered a wide variety of roles," Mukta said.

In her recent release Smile Please, she nailed her role as Nandini. Her performance was all heart. SMILE PLEASE REVIEW.


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