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Mumbai Mast Kallander

This is a story about dreamers who aim to achieve their lifetime goal by kidnapping. Really? In fact, not just bizarre but clichéd. In a nutshell, that’s what Mumbai Mast Kallander is all about.

Two brothers (Ram and Shyam) aspire to become dons. Two friends (Rhea and Meghna) want to save their salon. A dad wants to teach his son a lesson and the son wants to get kidnapped to claim a ransom from his rich father to repay his gambling debts. And all this in the contemporary setting of Mumbai, where all of them criss-cross each other’s paths. It’s one heck of a mishmash.

However, the film could have been a laugh-riot had the incidents not been so hackneyed and taken from every other masala Hindi film. From the dialogue of Don to the ardent fan of Amitabh Bachchan’s Shahenshah character to imitating thespians, it’s all been done to death in countless movies before.

The mundane plot interspersed with uninteresting music makes the film seem longer than it is, even intolerable. Also, for a comic caper, it drags especially the second half. Screenplay and dialogue by Sanyukta Ray and Raj Shekhar, respectively, are passé.

Of the four – Mohsin, Muzzi, Luna and Shilpa Shukla – the latter stands out in her role and surpasses the rest of the cast with her fine acting. Mohsin and Muzzi try hard to do justice but appear too polished to pass off as Ram and Shyam from small towns. Luna is expressionless; Rajesh Vivek as Bade Bhayia is good. Other characters played by known faces are strictly okay.

Verdict: Forget it.

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