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Murder 2

Back in 2004, an erotic thriller, Murder, took the country by storm and became a sensational hit. While the leading lady’s on-screen antics drew the audience to cinemas, the chartbuster soundtrack played a pivotal part in catapulting the film to the super-hit stratosphere. Now, nearly eight years later, the makers are back with its sequel albeit with a few changes. A significant change is the original composer Anu Malik has been replaced by a bunch of newcomers.

Reality show regular Harshit Saxena debuts as composer with Hale dil, a typical Emraan Hashmi number that has strong similarities to Pritam’s earlier compositions for Bhatt films. Nevertheless, this romantic ballad still manages to engage due to Harshit’s impressive rendition and Qadri’s poetry.

Brothers Sangeeth and Siddharth Haldipur compose two songs, Aa zara, and Tujhko bhulana. Sunidhi Chauhan makes Aa zara work with her sensuous rendition, even though the composition is not particularly exciting. For an item number supposedly filmed on Yana Gupta, this one needed more dazzle. Tujhko bhulana is a jaded tune that has energy but no soul.

Finally, it’s left to Mithoon (Bas Ek Pal, The Train, Anwar) to come up with the best tracks in the album. Phir mohabbat, a gentle romantic number, is strikingly effective. Qadri’s words are moving and the singers, especially Mohd Irfan, are particularly good. There is something undeniably special about his other composition, Aye khuda (Mithoon, Kshitij Tarey, Saim Bhat) too. This soulful ode to the Almighty may not impress right away but slowly manages to stir emotions and charm, especially if you are a fan of Mithoon’s work. A special word about Kshitij Tarey, who is remarkable in his rendition here.

Verdict: Decent fare

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