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For actress Sugandha Garg of Jugni, bagging roles have a lot to do with connecting to each of her characters over the years.

On Jugni

A friend of mine had auditioned for the film and he suggested my name to Shefali, our director. All my friends were aware that I also sing.  I was mailed a brief about the film and the character. I was offered the role of Vibhavari, who is a music producer, and I knew I wanted to do this film. I loved the brief and went for the audition.

Unique audition

We have all hear about how auditions happen, where 40 people queue up for a role. But this was very different. Shefali called me to her house and I don’t know why but I took my guitar along. During the audition, I played the guitar and sang a few songs. Shefali was playing my co-actor in the audition and it went very well. Sometimes you just get a vibe that this is going to work out. That’s how I bagged the role.

The challenge

Since I know music and can sing and play a few musical instruments, it was not difficult to get into the character. But I also play a girl who is in an unhappy live-in-relationship, so the emotions of the character were very tough to get because, on one hand, she is not happy, and on the other hand, she is also falling in love with music. My director taught me to put these emotions together. I followed her vision about my character and how my character should react to certain scenes.

Life after Tere Bin Laden

I made my debut with Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na and was also part of films like My Name Is Khan and Let’s Dance but nothing worked out until Tere Bin Laden happened. It totally changed my life and the audience as well as filmmakers started seeing the actor in me and I started getting more offers. Initially, they were quite similar but meaningful. I don’t have a problem playing a cameo or a character artiste but the role should be meaty and memorable.

Changing tastes

Post 2010, content oriented films started getting a wider audience and I was offered films like Coffee Bloom, Inam, a Tamil film, Tere Bin Laden 2 and Jugni. These films are heavy on content and the audience is now prepared to watch films like these. If not the first weekend, then by the end of the first week, word-of-mouth publicity always works. Jugni is a film every music lover would love to watch.

Not being choosy

I am not choosy about roles, it’s just that I give myself time. Since I have done a few films now, maybe I will give myself a break. It’s very important to stay connected with yourself and with whatever you do in life. Post 2012, I am being offered good cinema and I chose films that are in sync with who I am. Self-satisfaction is very important.

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