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Musical Jugalbandi’s and High-Octane clashes max out the entertainment in Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 has been picking up pace and the current episode is full of unexpected incidents. The debate that has been raging on between Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli over who will cut the vegetables and who will cook now gets even more heated. It is the Senior, Sidharth Shukla who has now stepped into the arena. Sidharth tells Rubina that cooking and cutting will be done by the same people who have been selected by the Seniors. Rubina says it is a huge task for her to cook and cut for 13 people in the house, however, the Seniors, especially Sidharth, remains adamant. He asks Gauahar Khan to delegate both cooking and cutting duties to Rubina which irks her and she calls him out for being unfair.

Pavitra Punia is the next person in the house to lose her cool on Rahul Vaidya when he interrupts a conversation between Jaan Kumar and her. The two have a heated exchange and sparks fly off as voices are raised and the two don’t seem to agree with each other. Rahul asks Pavitra to stop behaving like a villain and a bully, while Pavitra tells him to not step into other people’s conversations with a malicious intention.

To cool things up in the house, the two talented singers Jaan Kumar and Rahul Vaidya indulge in a musical jugalbandi that each and every member of the house enjoys. Even those members who have fought are now seen swaying to the magical tunes that the two singers belt out one after the other. The housemates are all hypnotized by the impromptu musical concert and Nikki even gives a big, mushy hug to Jaan! In this jugalbandi between the two, only one singer will be declared the winner and be given one special privilege!

Bigg Boss now decides to pose a very serious question that may affect Nikki Tamboli’s position as a Confirmed housemate. The fiery contestant is taken aback when Bigg Boss asks the housemates to decide whether Nikki deserves to be a confirmed housemate. Nishant Singh Malkhani and Jaan Kumar strongly disagree. Surprisingly, even Jaan, who has been seen developing a special bond with Nikki, tells her that she is not behaving in the right manner. He tells her that she has become too egotistical after being declared a confirmed contestant. Nikki doesn’t take this well and argues with Nishant about not being a true friend and for taking a stand against her just to please the other contestants.

Will Nikki lose her status as the confirmed contestant? Will Bigg Boss take away her special status?

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