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A Musical Race

Singer Amit Mishra talks to Titas Chowdhury in an exclusive interview about his latest release Allah duhai hai from Race 3, the joy of carrying the song franchise forward and more. 

Singer Amit Mishra is known to be eclectic in his music and for helming tracks of diverse genres. The latest in the pipeline is Race 3’s Allah duhai hai. Basking in the success of the track, Mishra says, “I am getting a very good response. People are calling me and saying, ‘You have sung really well!’ It gives you motivation every time you get a call or a message like this. I got great feedback from Bobby Deol. A lot of clubs are playing it.”

Taking us back to the time when he first got a call from composer Pritam’s project JAM8, Mishra recollects, “I got a call for a studio audition from JAM8 studio. I went there for a normal studio session, after which I got a call again to re-hear the full track. Then I got to know that I had got through the auditions.”

Thrilled about collaborating with big names, Mishra says, “This is the second time I am singing for Salman Khan. This is Pritamda’s project, JAM8 studios. Tushar Joshi composed the song. He is a brilliant artiste and a friend of mine. It is a celebration for me right now because I got a chance to work with the best of the best once again.” He adds, “In terms of vocals, the song was sung beautifully by Jonita Gandhi, Sreerama Chandra and Raja Kumari. The projection is brilliant. Shloke Lal, along with two other lyricists, wrote the song. It was great team work. Then there was Ramesh Taurani.”

Shedding some light on the power-packed number, he says, “We were looking forward to the song because it has many selling points. On the silver screen, people will love it even more because they will be experiencing it in 3D. The song sounds brilliant in the theatre. That was an altogether different experience.”

With songs such as Manma emotion, Sau tarah ke and Bulleya in his oeuvre, he has redefined versatility. “For different genres, the music is different. Manma emotion was a hip hop number. Sau tarah ke is more of a club house number. Every song is has a different feeling. I stay true to the song. The projection for every song is different,” he remarks.

About collaborating with fellow vocalist Jonita Gandhi, he fondly says, “It is always really nice to work with her. I have performed with her at live concerts too. She is a brilliant artiste. With a great projection, she is one of the best vocalists that we have. I love working with her.”

A part of a successful franchise, Mishra talks about enjoying the process of creating Allah duhai hai rather than feeling the pressure of carrying the legacy forward. “When I went to the studio, I was thinking about projecting myself first of all. The team knew what they wanted. Being able to deliver it is the major thing. Allah duhai hai is the major track in Race 3. It has been a big plus for the last two films. I was happy that they gave me the song, despite me being a new kid on the block. It is a good feeling. There was no pressure at all.”

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