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This is my Bulletproof coffee recipe",says Jacqueline Fernandez as she shares a new vlog on her youtube channel

Jacqueline Fernandez’s new vlog video is about her coffee recipe. "This is my Bulletproof coffee recipe", says Jacqueline while sharing her coffee recipe. For all the coffee lovers, Jacqueline has given us a new coffee beverage known as "Lungo". 

Giving a tip on ghee and oil, she says that we should not use the normal ghee rather we should use the grass-fed ghee and in oil, Brain Octane or MCT is the best especially, when you are on intermittent fasting. "Sunday is a cheat day for me", also expresses Jacqueline in her video and tells us how keto diet is the perfect diet. 

In the video, she advised on consuming keto bombs and cookies with her followers, her cats Xyza, Yoda and Loki. Sharing the video on her youtube channel, she wrote, “Here is a quick video about how I make my "BULLETPROOF COFFEE" in the morning!#3MinuteHacksWithJacques #BulletProofCoffee #MySecretLoveJacqueline”.

With every video, each time her fans get extremely excited for her new video. Whenever she comes up with a new video, the comment box is filled with best wishes and positive reviews. Her fans have been beaming at their best and have been super excited when she announced about the launch of her youtube channel and every time, the fans eagerly wait for the next video vlog.  

The actress is now venturing into the digital space with her most anticipated upcoming OTT, Mrs Serial Killer, which will mark her debut on the digital platform. Also, her upcoming movie is Drive which is all set to hit the theatres soon.

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