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Negative To Positive

Sunny Deol is back with his next film, a sequel to his 1990 superhit, Ghayal. Up for release soon, Ghayal Once Again features Deol and is also helmed by him. While the actor-director is playing the same character from the first instalment, the new additions to Ghayal Once Again are four youngsters in lead roles. This week, we spoke to  Shivam Patil about working with mega star Sunny Deol, both on and off screen.


I am a Mumbaiite. While in college, I joined a dance group, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Although I was studying Commerce, deep down I knew I didn’t want to take it up as a career option. Acting was always on my mind. So, after I graduated, I enrolled for weekend acting classes with Barry John. That’s where my acting career started. My first film was Nasha, which released two years ago.


I got a call from the production house to audition for the film, which was then titled Ghayal Returns. I found it amazing that they had called me to audition for the negative lead in the film. After they met me, they realised I wouldn’t suit the role of a negative lead and asked me to audition for the positive lead. I gave an hour-long audition for a very intense role, where I confront my ‘father’ played by Sachin Khedekar in the film. After the audition, I forgot about the film. Almost three months later, the production house called and asked me to meet Sunny Deol. That’s when I realised I had bagged the role!


We were given a joint narration on what role each one of us plays. We also had script-reading sessions with the entire star cast. Then Sunny sir met each of us individually and narrated to us what he wanted each of our characters to do. My character demanded some action so I also did some action training with the action director Dan Bradley. It was a huge learning experience for me.


Sunny sir is every actor’s director. I believe since he is an actor himself, he understands an actor’s imagination. He makes no compromises. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he makes his actors redo the scene, even if it takes all day, sometimes even two days! But he is very calm and patient.

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