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Thanks to digitisation, times couldn’t be more exciting – and more challenging – for film marketers


The most overarching change in film marketing would have to nobody took it seriously, people used to say, ‘Laga do 5 lakh internet pe.’ It’s all very different now, social media platforms, new-age bloggers and ‘digital India’ have paved a new way for marketing. And, of course, it’s easier to execute and monitor. We now allocate a whole day to digital shoots and interviews.

Now every film gets its share of voice, creating an equaliser effect, where films of every size are competing with one another.

This, in turn, has affected other mediums. Outdoor advertising, which was once very important, is now almost obsolete. Print advertising has reduced considerably. Even big films are opting for only one or two insertions as opposed to innovations and national bursts.

Perception has always played a huge role in this industry and it’s refreshing to see how audiences and industry folk now accept films that needn’t spend big bucks on traditional media.

Another new avenue we see now is trailering. Cinemas are an ideal catchment for producers and it would only make sense to invest in them. Films can now assess their target and attach to other films to ensure wider reach.

The Hindi film industry is one of the largest centres of film production in the world. This, of course, leads to a very crowded and competitive space. With only 52 Fridays in the year, films are constantly competing to stand out. This has led to shorter and tighter campaigns.

Regional markets are catching the fancy of marketers and producers, where they are targeting travel – city tours along with PR and reality show integrations based on specific languages. Content too is created keeping in mind the market and its expectations.

Audiences get bored very easily now more than ever, it is important to keep them engaged and interested. Everything constantly evolves and our industry is no different. It will be exciting to see what the future holds!

8 things that have changed in film marketing:

Emphasis on digital marketing and social media

Decline in print advertising

Drop in outdoor spends

Equal share of voice for all films

Evolution of in-cinema advertising

Focus on regional markets

Shorter campaigns

Tighter budgets

– On the evolution of film marketing

(Devika Shroff, proprietor of Spot On Marketing)

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