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Raghav Juyal turned down an offer to act in ABCD but he made sure he starred in ABCD 2 when director Remo D’Souza offered him the sequel too. Contestant, mentor, dancer, writer, actor… Juyal is all this and more!

On missing ABCD

When Remo sir was making ABCD, he had approached me. But I was doing DID and didn’t want to miss the show as I strongly felt that it would give me a chance to show my talent to the country. Remo sir understood what I meant and I turned down ABCD.

Films calling

While I was shooting for DID Super Mom, I got a call from Charudutt Acharya, the director of Sonali Cable. I thought it was a call for a choreographer because I was not ready for acting and I knew nothing about it. When he gave me the script for my audition, I didn’t read it and just performed. So he told me to practice, learn the lines and return the next day. After doing my homework, I was selected for the role. But it was the workshops conducted by him that taught me everything about acting.


When Remo sir decided to make the sequel, he called me and said, ‘You’re doing ABCD 2’ and I agreed instantly. Which dance lover wouldn’t want to be part of a film like that? For some reason, Remo sir saw potential in me as an actor. He knew I could act but what came as surprise to me was that he offered me the second lead. We did many dance and acting workshops where we learnt the process of acting and got a chance to practice more. The foreign teams which you see in the film were choreographed by foreign choreographers and we had to match them. We worked very hard so that we could stand out.

Turning writer

Very few people know that the lines I delivered in the film were written by me. Remo sir has this knack of knowing an individual’s talent and helping the person grow. So he asked me to write my own lines. He used to give me situations and asked me to develop lines based on them. Because comedy has to be situational, I created lines on the spot. It was a big platform for me and the best thing is everyone is praising my performance and my comic timing.

Working with Varun-Shraddha

Before starting the practice sessions with Varun and Shraddha, I thought they might act as ‘superstars’. But from the day they arrived in the studio for practice sessions, they were one of us. They were always trying to learn new steps and were eager to know how we did them. They could have raised an issue when Remo sir allowed me to write my own lines but they didn’t say a thing. In fact, they helped me.

Dance is everything

I started as a contestant and then turned mentor and have played many roles after that. Now I will be hosting a dance show. I am always open to new art forms because that gives me creative satisfaction. But to be honest, I find choreographing for films a tad boring because there are so many people orchestrating the steps but only one person gets credit. I prefer doing other jobs relating to dance.

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