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Nh8 : Road to Nidhivan

A parapsychological thriller directed by debutante Munindra Gupta, NH-8 Road To Nidhivan is about four colleagues who embark on a road trip from Mumbai to Mathura, to unravel the mystery behind a jungle called Nidhivan.

The film opens with Radha (Auroshika Dey) filing a complaint at the police station and narrating her plight. The scene then jumps into flashback wherein Sameer (Satyakam Anand) accepts a job offer to film a documentary from an international company and find out the truth behind the mysterious jungle called Nidhivan. There is a strong belief amongst the people of Mathura that the jungle is cursed and no living thing can survive even a night inside it. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha appear in the night to perform Raas-Leela at Nidhivan.

Sameer, along with his crew Radha, Anu (Ravneet Kaur) and Rahul (Arjun Fauzdar), takes up the journey. Before accepting the project, they are made to sign a contract which states that none of the crew member can back out of the project mid-way otherwise, they will have to pay three times the amount given by the company. Seeing the sum offered, the four friends readily accept the assignment.

The road trip begins and the group starts facing hurdles which includes an accident on the Mumbai-Mathura highway forcing them to take a bypass road. This is followed by a car breakdown in the dead of the night leaving the group stranded in the middle of nowhere. Whether the group solves the mystery or fall a victim is for viewers to find out.

The director has tried to create a sense of mystery and suspense with a few haunting scenes during the journey. But the lingering movements are stretched too long and the story in the first half barely progresses. The cinematography is weak and not as crisp as required for a road movie. The background score doesn’t help either as the sound effects aren’t accurate and occur at weird intervals. The plot is quite confusing and loses its connectivity in the second half. Overall, NH-8 Road To Nidhivan is sluggish and fails to hold the viewer’s interest.

Performance-wise, Auroshikha Dey isn’t convincing while Ravneet Kaur is irksome. Satyakam Anand is average while Arjun Fauzdar fails to impress. Rest of the cast does not provide adequate support.

Verdict: Flop!

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