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Hichki actor Rohit Saraf talks to Bhakti Mehta about his first ever project with YRF

How did you come on board for Hichki?

I was auditioning a lot at that time and I was on the lookout for an interesting character. It was around this time when I got a call from Shanoo Sharma’s Team. After multiple rounds of auditions I finally came on board. This was the first time that I auditioned not just with the casting team but also the director and the writer separately. 

Can you share the experience of working with a banner like YRF?

It’s a treat when you work with a professional production company like YRF. I felt looked after and cared for. I happened to get injured while we were shoot for action sequences and the producers made sure that I was immediately attended to. Things were always in place and there were no delays whatsoever. YRF spoils you. 

How was it working with Rani Mukerji?

Just thinking about her makes me smile because she is such a happy person with happy vibes. She has the ability to snap out of the scene the moment the director calls cut and she’d be back to her usual smiling self. A large part of the reason why this set was such a happy place was because of Rani Ma’am’s infectious energy. I learnt a lot from her and I’m ever grateful for that. 

Any particular challenges you faced?

While internalising the character I realised that Akshay is someone who physically demonstrates his aggression, which is very unlike me. But that’s what we do as actors, we become someone else and that was the challenge for me- to become Akshay. 

After such a positive character in Dear Zindagi, this film shows you with some shades of grey. How was the change for you?

When I was discussing the script with my director (Siddharth P Malhotra) and the writer, it became evident to me that it would not be easy to portray Akshay’s character. Like all the other kids in school he is also dealing with his insecurities and vulnerabilities. The trick was to portray the Tussle in his mind. I had to maintain the right balance between the black and the white. That was an interesting change from my character in Dear Zindagi

Can you share some future projects that you are working on?

I have auditioned for a few films and I’m yet to hear from them. I’m waiting for things to materialise before I talk about them. In the meantime a couple of ad campaigns that I worked on recently should be on air soon and I’m looking forward to that.

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