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'No one came forward to help but that's fine'

Karan Johar on the controversy around MNIK and more

I t was a bumpy ride for MNIK as far as its release in India is concerned. And yes, we were apprehensive. MNIK is not a film for us but an emotion… the bond the three of us (SRK, Kajol and I) share and also Fox Star Studios, who became our extended family with MNIK.

I don’t see any reason to discuss what happened but I am touched by the love people have showered on our film. It helped us emerge from the crisis. Judging by the situation, we knew no one would come forward to support us. No one did but that’s fine. We never expected anyone to, trust me. No one could have done anything to get us out of it.

But we were flooded by text messages from almost everyone from the film industry and the media and also from our friends outside the industry. They lent their verbal support and we were touched, indeed.

I want to thank everyone who stood by us. We are also thankful to the Mumbai Police, who made the release possible. Above all, we want to thank our audience, who came to the theatre regardless of the situation. It is their love that made our project this successful.

Post-Monday, everything went okay and business only increased and thus we managed to break our own record.

MNIK was a totally different film for me. Despite being a commercial filmmaker, I decided to take up the challenge of making a film which deals with an issue and conveys a message. It was a triumph, not just for me but also for Shah Rukh and Kajol.
MNIK is a film made with conviction but I accept that there were apprehensions. However, having convictions is a must. We at Dharma Productions intend to make cinematic brilliance. Money is not the criteria today. What matters is good work, making unusual films, and I’m glad it is paying off.

Kurbaan didn’t do well commercially but I stand by my product. Bravery is not always rewarded. Sometimes, you are right and sometimes you’re wrong. Kurbaan will always be remembered as a progressive film. You can’t dilute the quality of our product.

Coming back to MNIK, it was a good move on our part (Red Chillies Entertainment and Dharma Productions) to join hands with an international company. This will only encourage more and more Indian filmmakers to do so. MNIK was made on a large scale and it needed a company like Fox Star to take it to each and every movie lover, not just in India or Asia but in other countries as well.

I am aware that some people are spreading a rumour that MNIK is not doing well. They have no idea about global business. They can take a walk instead of commenting on something they know nothing about.

To end with, Rishi-uncle’s message to me after watching the film was very endearing. He wrote: My father would have been very proud of you for making MNIK. I was very touched!


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