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No Problem In Problem?

Looks like there’s serious trouble brewing between Anees Bazmee and an old friend. Apparently this friend, writer Virender, has sued him over No Problem in a Bengaluru court. Virender has accused Bazmee of lifting his story without giving him due credit. When contacted, Bazmee brushed it off, saying, “Yeh to hota rahta hai in our film world. I will not deny that I know him but he is a big fraud and his sole aim is to claim money from film producers and directors.” 

Anees continued, “He was a writer and had written some scripts some 30-40 years ago. It was for this same problem that he had to leave Mumbai and hide away in Bangalore. No Problem was written by me nine years ago. I was to make the film four years ago with Ajay Devgn but it didn’t take off then. So after several years, I hired five writers and asked them to make it more hilarious. I am not afraid of this person I have proof.”

Okay, Anees-bhai, we believe you. And readers, Virender was unavailable for comment.

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