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No Safety Net

There are times when the smallest of roles in a movie leave an indelible mark on the audience. The actor we spoke to this week achieved exactly that in the strong supportive character she played in the film Dil Juunglee. Nidhi Singh chats with Suranjana Biswas about her distinctive role in the film

On The Brief

The film is about two people in love, when they are younger, and their journey. I knew that was the main plotline. When I gave the audition, I didn’t really think much about the role. She is this fiery girl with no filters, and she is one of those people who is very happy in her own life. Though the space was really fun to watch, I wasn’t too sure if I would be able to play the part because at that time, I was in the middle of filming Permanent Roommates, where the scenes were really heavy. I wasn’t able to relate to that mental space at all.

After the audition, we didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, I got a call from the casting director, Mukesh Chhabra, who said things were being finalised and eventually, things worked out.

On The Role

This character was very strongly etched in director Aleya Sen’s mind and that helped a lot. It also helped that I have played a Delhi girl before. This character had long scenes, so Aleya was very particular about how the character should be dressed and how she should be portrayed on screen.

On The Challenges

No challenges, really. The acting process is basically the same as doing a web show. The massive challenge for me was that the script is bound from day one.

On The Director

She has done extensive work in advertising and I too have a background in advertising. I had met her earlier but she didn’t remember me at all. When you are shooting long form, that is when you actually get to know someone.

She is a fun director. I wanted my director to guide me while playing the character because I felt I needed her judgement to guide the process. When it came to my scenes, I was grateful that she always knew what she wanted.

On her Co-stars

It was amazing to work with my co-stars. When the film started materialising, it was decided that we would sit down for a reading, which never happened. I was pretty apprehensive about how Saqib Saleem would be as a co-actor. My perception of him was of a very serious guy. I had never met him socially. The entire crew decided to go to Big Ben, where Tapsee and Saqib were shooting.When I met them, they were so chill.

On The Response

I was hoping that after playing something that is completely out of my comfort zone, it wouldn’t be jarring to the audience. I have received sweet messages, which say that from the moment I make an appearance in the film, they have enjoyed my character and performance a lot.

On Future Projects

Nothing that I can talk about now. There is a film which is scheduled to release this May, but I don’t know its exact status. It has been announced twice and is called Brij Mohan Amar Rahe. I am very keen that people get to watch this film.

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