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No Stopping Him

Armaan Malik is back with yet another melodious track, Theher ja from October. He talks to Bhakti Mehta about being a part of this project

With his sweet and soulful voice, Armaan Malik has stolen our hearts with songs like Bol do na zara and Kaun tujhe. His latest track, Theher ja, from October, is also topping the charts right now. Sharing his unique story of how he came on board for this song, Malik says, “I haven’t had a movie song out for a long time. I had taken a break in between. Theher ja came like a breath of fresh air for me, my fans and everyone in general. I think the music scene is getting a little repetitive with the abundance of dance and item songs and recreations being made. Theher ja came out of nowhere and just fell into my lap.”

Going back to where it all began, Malik says, “Varun (Dhawan) had posted a tweet saying he was looking for a voice for October. Many of our fans had replied to it, saying he should pick me. He called me the next day and said he wanted me to come to the studio to record something special.”

The singer adds, “I went to the studio, heard the song and recorded it. The next day, he said he loved it and asked if I could make a small video for it. I was also anxious because I didn’t know if I had made the cut as many singers are easily replaced these days. But I made it, sent it to him and he posted it on his social media platform, saying that ‘Armaan is the voice of October’. We quickly did the final run-through and within three to four days, the song came out and got so much love, it was overwhelming.”

Malik explains why October is an innovative movie in terms of its music. “Everything was unexpected with this song and this film. I have worked with Abhishek Arora, the composer of this song, on ads before but this was our first film together and it was a great experience. It’s the same with Shoojit Sircar. I had earlier worked with him on ads and we reunited for this film. He wasn’t present during my recording but we did speak over the phone and he explained the theme and feel of the song as well as the movie.”

Revealing why he enjoyed working with Sircar, the singer remarks, “It was great to work with him because he creates his own world with his films. There is a trend of original sound tracks in Hollywood which he is trying to bring here and that is great. I feel fortunate to be a part of innovative projects like these. If we don’t introduce freshness with new songs, how will the music change for the industry? I am glad this song came my way, and at the right time.”

About the response to Theher ja, he says, “The song just flew on social media. The track has been number one on iTunes and has 15 million views on YouTube. The best part is that people have messaged me saying that the simplicity of the song is amazing. The lyrics say so much with so little effort. It is an easy song. Theher ja is not your quintessential Bollywood love song like Bol do na zara or Main hoon hero tera. It has a different pace, a different feel, which I tried to bring in. Even in the video, it is about how this guy is trying to express his feelings to the girl but cannot.”

Malik adds, “The words ‘theher ja’ represent that he is saying ‘wait for some time’. It is about feeling it but not being able to say it to the person you love. If you listen to the song, it has this breezy feel. It has a European twist and a kick with the drums and the guitar. When I heard it, I told Varun that it is a ‘car song’. You just plug and play it in your car when you go for a drive.”

Hinting at his upcoming projects, Malik reveals, “I have a new single releasing in the beginning of next month. It is a reprised version of Ghar se nikalte hi, produced by T-Series, which was a classic hit from the 90s. I will also be featuring in the music video because my fans have been telling me to do a film but the closest I can come to being on screen is a music video.”

Byline: Bhakti Mehta

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