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Oh, Brother!

Taurani brothers are all set to change strategy to take movie-making to a new level

It’s a new beginning at Tips Films, where my brother Ramesh (Taurani) and I have decided on a new strategy for our production studio. So, instead of working together, each of us will divide our attention and look at separate films so that our company can take even bigger strides.

We both have the vision to make films and we both want to make good films. During the last financial year, we released two films with director Mandeep Kumar, one in Hindi and one in Punjabi. This year, I will oversee Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story and Ramesh will look at Race 2, which releases early next year. So with every successive year, the number of products under our banner will increase.

Ramesh has always been involved with filmmaking, while I have been focusing on the films’ music. Since we both know the industry so well, we decided to focus on separate films. But all our films will remain under the Tips Films banner.

So, sometimes, Ramesh may have more films than I have and vice-versa. Sometimes, I may be producing a film with newcomers while he has a film with a big cast. Sometimes he may choose a concept that is offbeat and cast newcomers like he did in Ishq Vishk. And sometimes I may do the same, just as I am doing right now while launching my son Girish in a film directed by Prabhudeva. The bottomline is: we want to entertain the audience and will look at scripts which have masala and entertainment in them.

The work culture in our industry has changed so much. There was a time when a film took two years to produce; now every producer wants to wrap up a film in 90 days. This helps us concentrate on one project at a time. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya was released in 10 months. This film and The Legend Of Bhagat Singh were made in record time. When you complete a film quickly, you can take up more projects. And now that we have split the portfolio, we will make at least five to six films a year. Of course, quality will always be a priority.

Cinema is very diverse today and there are so many genres. So there’s commercial cinema, small-budget films and realistic films. Tips has thus far focused on commercial cinema but we may start a new division for niche films. Also, today we look at the music of the films we make, but in a couple of years, we are planning to acquire the musical rights of other films.

There was a time when Tips Music ruled. No wonder filmmakers wanted to give Tips their music rights because we used to promote the music so well. We were the first to release songs one by one, with Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. We did not release the music album initially. The strategy caught on and, today, many other films are following suit.

Tips has always come up with unique promotional strategies. Take the promotion of Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story, for instance. We began the promotions a long time ago. We released the digital posters in cinemas along with the release of Ek Tha Tiger. So we’re always looking for opportunities.

As producers, we look at all aspects of filmmaking but we never interfere with the director’s vision. Once a film is ready, we look at distribution, promotion and everything else. Thinking up creative marketing strategies is not rocket science and we excel at it!

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