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When the lines between work and play blur, the sky is the limit

I have no idea why people want me to go on vacation. Almost everyone, from producers to journalists to even my non-filmy friends, asks me why I don’t believe in taking a long break. Why am I obsessed with working round-the-clock?

These queries don’t worry me. In fact, they now entertain me. It feels good to be reminded that I am working all the time and churning out movies one after another. I am proud that my love for cinema keeps me on my toes all the time. I am proud that my desire to entertain my audience keeps me busy all the time. I feel even more proud when I see people come in to the cinema to watch my movies and leave the auditorium happy. There is nothing better than entertaining people. There is so much unhappiness in the world, and cinema is one of those things that make people happy. So why not keep making movies?

Just because my name appears as the director, it doesn’t mean that I or Ajay Devgn are the only ones working round-the-clock. We have always believed that movie-making is team work. So for every success I have delivered, credit goes to the entire team. That’s why the credits in my films always read, ‘A film by Rohit Shetty and team’.

In 2009, we started shooting, All The Best in May and released it in October. We all worked 20 hours a day in the last two months. It is a challenging task. Now I am proud that after a long time, we’ve completed a film in four months. It was fun, actually. We did the same for Singham as it was made in record time. It has become a habit that started with Golmaal Returns and continued till I made All The Best. So we wrapped up Golmaal and Singham in the same manner too. 

It has been a fruitful journey for me and my team. I am extremely proud of our films, from my first film, Zameen to my present film Singham. Comedy is fun, challenging and extraordinarily difficult to create and I like experimenting with it again and again. The audience has appreciated my films so far and that is the biggest reward. It reminds me that I am doing my job properly. I have always created my projects keeping my viewers in mind. I love making family entertainers packed with hilarity, grand action and incredible music.

Apart from my team, I have been really lucky to have wonderful actors in all my films. All this keeps me going and I don’t realise that, I have not taken a long vacation. My unit becomes my family and also my family joins me on shoots.

We also have some great entertainers in our crew and the energy on our sets is always positive. I hate stressing people. I trust my team and I am always open to feedback. I believe in keeping communication lines open. When you have an open-door policy that allows your team to speak to you whenever they want to, it’s healthy. It helps you find an alternative solution together. My bond with my team has always been very close as I once was an associate director.

I like to make films in isolation with my team. I make what I believe in. If it becomes an effort where somebody else’s creativity gets in the way, I withdraw. I can’t handle that. My producers have always given me that space and respected my decisions, and that’s what I love about them.

Above all, my audience has always accepted me. I believe in my work and I have always followed my heart.

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