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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: This is why Roman Polanski’s wife condemned Quentin Tarantino

Emmanuelle Seigner, wife of French-Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski has condemned director Quentin Tarantino for representing the embattled director in his latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood without his permission.

The film story is set in Hollywood in 1969 and it talks about the homicide of the pregnant Sharon Tate, Polanski's second wife by the Manson Family cult in 1969. Quentin Tarantino confirmed he did not consult Polanski before making the film.

Taking to Instagram to slam Tarantino, Seigner said that she was not criticising the values of the film but only the decision to use Polanski's presence in it at a time where Hollywood continues to reject the director for being accused and charged with rape in the 1970s.

"I am just saying that it doesn't bother them (in Hollywood) to make a film which takes Roman and his tragic story while at the same time they have made him a pariah. And all without consulting him of course," she wrote in French.

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The film, that stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, received rave reviews at its world premiere in Cannes Film Festival last week.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is the ninth project by Tarantino but his tenth directorial overall. It is said that the renowned filmmaker will go into retirement after this film which pays tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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-Manisha Karki

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