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Sunny Deol is back with his next film, a sequel to his 1990 superhit, Ghayal. Up for release soon, Ghayal Once Again features Deol and is also helmed by him. While the actor-director is playing the same character from the first instalment, the new additions to Ghayal Once Again are four youngsters in lead roles. This week, we spoke to Diana Khan about working with mega star Sunny Deol, both on and off screen.


I am from Mumbai and I have wanted to act since I was a child. So once I finished college, I started giving auditions. I have done a few television shows and commercials.


I was called for an audition by the production team of the film. I gave the audition, and from the way they responed, I thought they liked it. It was a long audition with various scenes. But they didn’t get back to me for quite a long time and I got busy with television projects. Suddenly, after a few months, I was called to meet Sunny sir.


There were no major workshops but there were script-reading sessions and narrations. During those narrations, sir briefed us about our individual characters, and what he wanted from each one. I play a character called Zoya, who has a pet dog, so my character is a dog lover. I also play a child whose parents are too busy with work to give me any attention. This was the brief I was given.


I have been a huge fan of Sunny Deol since I was a child and working with him was a dream come true. It was even more impressive because he was directing and also acting in the film and made sure everyone got equal screen space.

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