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Singer Arpita Chakraborty shares her experience with Bhavi Gathani about being a part of the song Paisa yeh paisa from the film Total Dhamaal, and what makes the reprised version different from the original number

The recently released song from Total Dhamaal, Paisa yeh paisa, has become the latest party anthem. Gushing over the melody and the visuals of the song, singer Arpita Chakraborty says, “I am really excited for Paisa yeh paisa. The song has been shot brilliantly with a carnival feel, money blowing everywhere; it’s going to look so grand on the big screen. Plus the huge star cast has added to its grandeur. The whole cast, while shooting, heard the song on the set and they loved my voice. Madhuriji also loved it. I am really grateful to the cast for approving my vocals.”

Talking about her experience while recording the song, Chakraborty says, “I got a call from the music directors, Gaurav-Roshan, and it was an emergency. They wanted me to record it really fast. I was told that this was already an iconic song from the ’80s which had been picturised on Rishi Kapoorji.  I rehearsed a little before going to the studio; I had watched the song and heard it a couple of times. Once I reached there, within 15-20 minutes, we recorded the whole song.”

Chakraborty says that when she recorded the song, she had no idea about the movie that was going to have this song. “Later, I got to know that this would be in Total Dhamaal directed by Indra Kumar and I was going to be the voice of Madhuri Dixit. It is an introduction scene, where she is getting out of the car. That’s how it happened.”

The songstress says she was intimidated when she got to know about the song. “It was a big song of the ’80s. I am grateful to the composers because they made me feel very comfortable. They said we are recreating this iconic song by keeping the same flavour but in a modern way. Initially, I was a little nervous but when I started singing, I was already dancing to it. At that time, I realised that everyone was going to dance on it.”

On her responsibility towards the song, Chakraborty says, “Paisa yeh paisa is sung by a legend, Kishore Kumar. The extra elements they have added to this reprised version is that there are three singers in it – Dev Negi, Subhro Ganguly and myself. And so there has been an introduction of the female voice. Since there are so many stars present in the song, they had three singers in it. So, yes, there was a lot of responsibility but at the same time I was also confident as I was well prepared.”

She points out that the song looks very new and it appeals to the youth as well. “Otherwise, there is no way youngsters will go back to ’80s numbers and listen to Rishi Kapoorji’s song. This is a very easy way to present those melodies to young people which our parents used to listen to. The original song is more like a disco thing, with Kishorda singing it. I knew this was a very glamorous and very stylish song. Also, there is a diva performing on it, so it had to have a little style. That’s what I tried to achieve. When I was singing it, I knew it had to have a retro feel.”

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