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Pankaj Tripathi opens up about the addition of web series at the recent award function

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood, his experience and skills are not bound to one form of media but the actor has also been involved in various web series and OTT content. 

Recently, the actor was asked about his point of view on the addition of web series as an entirely new category in the recent Critics Choice Awards

Pankaj shared, “This is great and Satisfying news that prestigious Critics Choice awards which were only for cinema. (across languages in our country) .. and now that they have included the content of OTT platforms then it’s the best news in the longest time. I am very active on the OTT platform and I keep doing series on platforms. 

Web medium has got some amazing talent and storytelling in recent times and when they get acknowledgement from the very win critics.. it will be even more so encouraging. I am extremely happy with the News.”

The awards will be a celebration of the best of Indian produced content and along with it, web series that will not be limited to just one language but will include entries from across the nation.

In December 2018, the Film Critics Guild and Motion Content Group collaborated to announce one of its kind Critics Choice Short Film Awards which features a panel comprising of India's top film critics. The first edition of the awards was a major success amongst the masses and it is safe to say that this time around, we will see more quality content being presented by artists across the nation. And the addition of web series into the award categories just increases the scope for quality content.

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