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PEEPLI [Live] is the latest offering from Aamir Khan Productions. The film’s humorous promos have already caught the public’s attention, which is almost unbelievable given that the film stars a bunch of new faces. But what’s truly commendable is the use of folk music in the film’s soundtrack. The album showcases the rich rural talent we have in our country that is often sidelined in our films.

Chola maati ke naam is a folk tune by the Adivasis of Mandla in Chhattisgarh. This philosophical song written by folklore poet Gangaram Saket has been composed and sung by Nageen Tanvir. Though the lyrics are in Chhattisgarhi, it’s simple enough to understand that the song speaks about the inevitability of death. Theatre artiste and classical singer Tanvir’s magical voice makes this spiritual number quite a haunting one.

Mehngai daiyan couldn’t have been more timely given the heated discussions over price rise all across the country. Raghuvir Yadav sparkles as the lead singer while the Bhadwai Village Mandali provides the chorus. The lyrics, though fun, make a strong point about how soaring prices affect the life of the common man. Again, the tune is folksy but catchy. Ram Sampath does a splendid job with the remix version of this track, giving it a more universal appeal.

India’s finest contemporary fusion band Indian Ocean has composed two songs in this album – Des mera and Zindagi se. Des mera, a portrait of modern India with all her quirks and joys is a tweaked version of the same song from their earlier album Jhini. Zindagi se, on the other hand, is a more sombre, dramatic number about courage. This song is a poem by Pakistani poet Noor Meem Rashid and Indian Ocean gives it an interesting rock twist.

PEEPLI [Live] is unlike any Bollywood soundtrack you would have heard – an album filled with rustic, rock and folk sounds. It’s a niche album but a nice one.

Verdict: A must buy if you like folk music.

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