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"People are listening to remixes that is why they are made, "says Azeem Dayani on the recreation of songs

Music supervising as a profession is something very new, thus Azeem Dayani, the music supervisor of Dharma Productions enlightened us about the same. Azeem Dayani, who has contributed to three films for Dharma Productions as a music supervisor speaks at length about the work he does for the production house.


Anita Britto: So a music supervisor, that's a new profile, what exactly does this job entitle?

Aneez Dayani: Music supervisor is a term that people don't understand or is relatively new. So in Dharma, there are two types of projects- solo and multi-composer ones respectively. The solo composer includes albums like- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Pritam), Student of the year (Vishal Shekhar), Student of the year 2, Kalank. But, films like  Simmba, Kesari, Baar Baar Dekho, Badrinath Ki Dhulhaniya, Kapoor and Sons had multi- composers. So what happens is that the director comes to us and we sit together to find briefs, and the situation in the film, for example, Kapoor And Sons or Kesari so we sat and identified the situations in the film that required songs. Then we look out for people that are pitching songs, find new talent and we work with them and make an album. Then we place them in the film to ensure that the song will take the film story forward and doesn't hinder the pace of the film. My job is to find the right song for the situation of a film. It should add to the feel of the situation. So it's like A to Z of a music process that's what is a music supervisor.


AB: What were you doing before this, how did you come into this picture?

AD: I started my journey with advertising for two and a half years, I have done my post-graduation in mass media, post that I moved to Excel in Film marketing. Later, I moved to T-Series and worked on Aashiqui 2 and Nautanki Sala. Then to Dharma's marketing team and worked for three years, I was part of films like Badrinath Ki Dhulnia, Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulhania, 2 States. Later I got a chance to shift into the music department, music supervising that is because I found the song Dariya, which was sung by Arko Pravo Mukherjee which featured later in Baar Baar Dekho. When I found that song I played it to Karan Johar and he loved it. He was the one who told me to find more songs and that started the journey. Then I met Amaal Malik, he did the version of 'Chul' which we all loved, later I met Tanishk he did Bol Na and that's how the Kapoor and Sons album was done. 


AB: But did you always have an ear for music?

AD: No. I always used to listen to songs, everyone does. But I didn't know I could pursue this as a profession because I didn't know only there is something like this. It just happened that I found a good song and I said that, sir ye ganna ek baar suno, because that song the first song that I got Dariya, it really touched my heart. It is one of the closest songs to my heart. Karan asked me to find more songs, I went to meet new people and I found more and then we started packaging the albums. So it happened. 


AB: But isn't it difficult to find people to come together and make an album or make a song?

AD: No, actually it is not, when we did Kapoors And Sons, everyone wanted to do a good song. So I met Tanishk and then met Amaal who did two songs, Buddhu Sa Mann and Kar Gayi Chull remix, then I met Arko Pravo Mukherjee, he did a song Saathi Re which in the end. So when you meet, with people who actually want to deliver a good song or want to work as a team, then it makes it easier. Your stress is reduced. In Baar Baar Dekho in the second album, I remember all these guys, the composers like Amaal, Jasleen and Arko all of them, even Badshah, they were all singing each other's songs to promote it. So if a team is like then obviously, it makes it easier and it makes the journey fun. 


AB: What is your idea about the new recreations trend?

 AD: That's why we used the line by Karan sir 'Thank God this is original' in the song Chandhigarh Mein from Good Newwz. We have done Aankh Maare, Tamma Tamma, and we really enjoyed doing those remixes and they've done really well. So I started my career with Chul and Kala Chasma. There were also original songs like Bhuddu Sa Man, Dariya, Nachle Saare, so our album was balanced between remix and original. And Aakh Maare was a lot of fun doing as a remix, the entire team said they loved it and did quirks.


AB: Many people are upset about recreating songs...

AD: Yeah, I think people are upset because there's an overdose of it right now. But if it's done well, I think still people take to it . People are listening to remixes that is why they are made. From each other's part, if I'm asked to do it, I will do it. And I'll ensure that is done well, that's my job. So if someone asked me to do it, it’s my job. So on my part, I'm not at that level I can say no, but I ensure that's done right. With Tamma Tamma and Aankhe Maare, I think we did a good job.

AB: And what other films you have in the pipeline? 

AD: Filhaal happened, we wanted to do a non-film song. So Fhillal was played to us during Teri Mitthi because B Prak was working with us for Teri Mitthi and he had composed with Jaani. B Prak and Jaani are a team so when they played two lines, I was like it is very good can we keep the song so they said that we're doing a single. I told them I want to be a part of this and Akshay Sir loved the lines and he decided to be a part of music video and he has never done before. So there was a lot of pressure, we all were stressed out because it was a very big challenge for us, its easy to go wrong but we knew the song is very special, we stood by that and we have got a great response for the song.

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