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Pizza 3D

Akshay Akkineni’s upcoming supernatural thriller Pizza 3D may seem eerie to its viewers but the music of the film says otherwise. The music album, directed by multiple composers is concise and brings in an offbeat flavor.

Composed by Shamir Tandon, Mikey McCleary, Saurabh Kalsi, Gaurav Godkhindi and Ramon Ibrahim, Pizza 3D enlists five tracks, including a reprised version. Unlike the music of a regular supernatural movie that tends to be gloomy and haunting, this album features a combination of groovy and romantic track.

To be precise, due to its music treatment  and lyrics, the album reminisces the essence of 2013’s album Go Goa Gone.  The first track of the album Gimme Pizza is quite similar to the track Khooni Monday or Slowly Slowly from Go Goa Gone. Though the track relates lyrically, the musical treatment differs towards the end of the track. Gimme Pizza, composed by Mikey McCleary opens with the now in trend electronica tunes that smoothly assimilates the harmonies of sitar and tabla at  a later stage. Ankur Tewari replicates the eccentric mood of the song through his singing.

The acoustic version of Tum Chale Diye sung by Arjun Kanungo features simple musical arrangements with the exploitation of basic drums beats, piano tunes and guitar riffs. Saurabh Kalsi has kept the musical landscape constant throughout the track, except towards the end where he  pitches in violin with guitar tunes fading out. Kanungo captures the romantic feeling through his soulful singing and lures listeners in the same.

While in the reprise version of Tum Chale Diye, Saurabh Kalsi emphasises on the full scale orchestration featuring the intricate arrangements of  violin, guitar riffs and piano ostinatos. Avoiding the soulful touch,Kanungo exquisitely hits the high notes for the reprise version bringing in the sense of loss.

After a romantic and sad version of the same track, the album offers a jazz number Teher Ja. With the perfect jazz connotation, Abhijeet Deshpande singing seizes the amorous and dreamy sequence of the song.  Gaurav Godkhindi and Ramon Ibrahim have employed an elegant assortment of jazz instruments such as trumpets, bass guitar, violins and pianos.

The album ends on a quirky note with Haddiwali Mundi, penned by  Sameer Pandey and Abhishek Kumar. The outright rock song combined with electronica beats is composed by Shamir Tandon. Starting with the high-pitched electronic guitars and drums, the structure of music varies throughout the track. The vocals of Ahan Shah gives away  grudgy and eerie feel, finally highlighting the theme of the movie.

Following the likes of City Lights, Amit Sahani Ki List and Shor in the City, Pizza 3D highlights the fact that today it’s not necessary to have a big budget film for good music, the low budget movies can also churn some great hits. The directors have stayed true to their music by not falling into the trap of commercialisation.  It’s a good relief from the ongoing commercial item numbers.

Verdict: Though not new or innovative, the album is different and features well thought of song listing.

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