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Platoon One Films launches the first look of their new Marathi film Picasso

Platoon One Films has ventured into Marathi film production with the feature Picasso starring National Award winner Prasad Oak. Recently, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt took to Twitter and share the poster of the film. He wrote, "The young team @PlatoonOneFilms have made a fine Marathi feature film PICASSO. Congratulations and my best wishes @ShiladityaBora @prasadoak17, Abhijeet, Tushar and team."

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The film will be screening at the 10th edition of the prestigious Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai on September 28, and at the 7th Bramhaputra Valley Film Festival, Guwahati on September 29.

To celebrate, the makers have released the intriguing first look of the film depicting Dashavatara, considered as one of the oldest forms of folk theatre in the world.

Picasso is the first Marathi film to document Dashavatra in its original format. As per popular folklore, the origins of this folk art form can be traced back to Lakshmi-Narayan Temple in the Valaval town of Tal Konkan, where the film has been shot.

Talking about this Abhijeet Warang, the writer-director of Picasso, shares: “Despite financial struggles and dependence on people's patronage, many Dashavatara artists still perform these plays dutifully and true to the phrase - All the world’s a stage! The film is intended as a tribute to such countless performers, singers, and artists.”

Tushar Paranjape, the writer of award-winning Marathi film Killa is the creative director of Picasso. On what drew him towards this story, he shares “The world of Dashavatara had always intrigued me. In this film, we’ve tried to capture the everyday, internal struggles of an artist’s life. The relentless, painful and gratifying artistic process is from doubting yourself to discovering yourself again and again.”

The film is introducing child actor Samay Sanjeev Tambe, with Prasad Oak playing his troubled alcoholic father. It is written and directed by debutant Abhijeet Mohan Warang. It is slated for a winter 2019 release.

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-Manisha Karki 

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