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A Poet on Song

Dr Sunil Jogi, who has penned the lyrics of Thackeray’s title track, Aaya re Thackeray, talks to Bhakti Mehta about what inspired him to write the song

A Doctor of Hindi Literature, Dr Sunil Jogi has also shared his work with the film world and penned the title track of the upcoming film Thackeray called Aaya re Thackeray. “When Sanjay Raut told me they were making this film and that they weren’t planning to have a song, I suggested that there should be a song, like an anthem, which would be remembered by the audience,” Dr Jogi says.

“When we started working on the song, Rautji told me that he wanted the track to be on the lines of Andheri raaton mein from Shahenshah which would play in the background for Thackeray. I wrote two songs for him and he really liked them. When he came to Delhi, I made him listen to the mood of the song and he told me to complete the lyrics. He took the song to the music composer duo, Rohan-Rohan, who then gave it a beautiful tune,” he recalls.

The lyricist reminds us that even though Thackeray was a strong personality, he was an artiste himself and, he adds, he has mentioned this in the song – ‘Woh funkaar bhi the aur angaar bhi the.’ Since I knew these things about him, there was a connection with him, and it helped me to write the lyrics of the song. I have written the song with my heart, for the person he was. This is my tribute to him.”

The response to the song has overwhelmed Jogi. “It gives me pleasure to see the numbers on YouTube, which means that my song has reached lakhs of people. This means it is doing well, which is all I hope for,” he says.

Dr Jogi also shares his wishlist of composers, “I want to work with legendary music composers like AR Rahman saab, Pritam, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Himesh Reshammiya, among others. I also want to work with new-age composers like Rohan-Rohan. Through the canvas of film songs, my words reach so many people, sometimes globally, and that is why I like this industry,” he adds.

On his future plans, Dr Jogi reveals, “I am currently working on creating a bank of lyrics from all genres. If anyone wants a song, I will have one ready. I have 4,000-5,000 poems and will create at least 1,000-2,000 songs from them and store it in the bank. I have already started working on this.”


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