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Poles Apart

Pan Nalin’s upcoming Hindi film Angry Indian Goddesses is up for release. The film, which is all about female bonding, is a rollercoaster ride with myriad emotions and many a spilled secret as an impromptu bachelorette party gets underway. This week, Sandhya Mridul shares her experience during the making of this film. Over to her:

On Bagging The Role

I met Dilip (Shanker), our casting director, at a party and I was talking to him about the predicament of actors like us, why we don’t have women bonding films, where do we stand in the industry. Pan Nalin was also at the party although we didn’t meet at the time. One day, Dilip called me and said I must meet him. To date, I call Nalin the ‘tirchhi topi walen’ because he wears his hat at an angle. They said they wanted to make a film on female bonding. They didn’t have a story or a script but they worked on it. That’s how my journey with Angry Indian Goddesses began.

On Her Character

I play a character called Suranjana, a business woman. I had to do a lot of research on mining because that’s what my work is all about. My character is of a strict woman and a mother of a small girl. It was quite tough for me because neither am I a strict woman nor a mother. So I got into the character, I studied about mining, and everything else I had to know. In fact, while we were shooting, everyone else had a fun role, where they were cracking jokes and laughing but I had to wear a serious look. It was a challenging role because in real life I am not like Suranjana but yet the soul of the character was that of Sandhya Mridul.

On Workshop

I have been an actress for a very long time and have worked with many directors. But with this film, I have experienced something totally different. During the workshop, we were told to do breathing exercises and we acted based on our breath. So if I breathe in a certain way, I was naturally getting angry; and in the other way, I was crying. I was wondering why I was going through all these emotions but the director explained it was an exercise. It was a wonderful experience.

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