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THIS popular book to be now adapted by Sriram Raghavan as his next thriller

AndhaDhun director Sriram Raghavan is currently basking in the massive success of the film both critically and in numbers and is also planning his next project.

His upcoming film is reportedly based on a 1961 French novel by Frederic Dard titled Bird In A Cage, based in the city of Paris. The plot revolves around 30-year-old Albert, who returns to Paris after six years away, during which time his mother has passed away. He finds himself entangled in a complicated case centred around a woman he met at a restaurant whose husband's body appears in her lounge, but then disappears almost inexplicably.

After what Raghavan did with Ayushmann Khurrana-Tabu starrer AndhaDhun, we are sure his next one will also be a thriller to watch out for. Incidentally, AndhaDhun released in China as Piano Player in April and created waves with the audience there.

The cast for the next film is yet to be finalised. Watch this space for more updates.

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