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Prabhas' fans add a touch of goodness to under priviliged lives on his birthday

Prabhas, the Pan-India star is a simple man off-screen unlike his stature on screen. The actor is lauded for his impeccable display of craft in the two part franchise Baahubali and Saaho.

Prabhas is a 'darling' for his fans and just like the mega star his fans leave no stone unturned to make a valuable impact. His fans celebrated his birthday by adding a touch of goodness in the lives of orphan kids, old age homes.

Prominent fan clubs of Prabhas have reached out to orphanages and old age homes to cut the cake and celebrate with the kids and senior citizens who had a wide smile on their faces.

Another prominent fan club went to the lengths of planting trees, distributing food grains and other essentials in the name of Prabhas.

This just speaks volumes of how big of a deal it is for Prabhas' fans to celebrate his birthday and making it meaningful. The Pan-India star's fandom stretches globally and people look up to him as something more than just an actor.

The year 2020 has been nothing short of a huge success for Prabhas. The megastar has made back to back announcements to his fans delight. Radheshyam, announcements are a hot topic. Prabhas' made it more special for his fans by revealing his look for 'RadheShyam' have got the fans excited, they are in anticipation of Prabhas' new avatar in this film. 

His work in the film industry is one of a kind and the legacy will surely grown each time Prabhas presents something to the audience.

With big buck films in the order, Prabhas will be on a lightning streak of massive hits with his upcoming projects. The Pan-India star will be seen in Radheshyam, Adipurush in eye-catching roles.

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